29 July 2012

One Very Special Bedlington!! Yuva makes The Grade With Flying Colours



Heart of Wales Game Fair Yuva won third place out of a class of 19 working bitches


Yuva was third out of a class of 11 show bitches at Crufts this year

On Friday 27th of July 2012 Burmington Truly Blue a show bred Bedlington and Crufts competitor who belongs to Nicky Kinns was entered in a working grading in beautiful north Oxfordshire.
The grading’s come in two categories, the first a Grade 1 certification for underground work to fox under Exempted Hunting and in accordance with the law as it currently stands within The Hunting Act 2004. The second is a Grade 2 certification where the grading is an above ground procedure whereby the dog is expected to display its hunting prowess in the field with ferrets and enter rough cover.
Nicky Kinns accompanied by her son Tim, they used their own nets and ferrets and were unassisted by no-one else except their dog ‘Yuva’
Upon being graded the terrier proved her steadiness with both domestic livestock and ferrets. A warren was netted the dog did not mark and NO rabbits were bolted, correct marking. A second warren was approached the terrier marked and 3 rabbits bolted 1 of which ‘Yuva’ actually caught as it slipped a net again correct marking.

She worked tirelessly in quite hot conditions, her recall is instant, she is a very steady dog. The final test was with a long net which was placed around a fenced off tree, its warren totally hidden within the dense summer cover which incidentally was stinging nettles! ‘Yuva’ never hesitated to work through these savage plants and was rewarded by a rabbit being secured in the long net.
At the end of this short grading Burmington Truly Blue absolutely proved her working ability beyond any shadow of a doubt.
I am generally a staunch critic of the show Bedlington, however no one could criticise this terrier for her prowess in the field. Given a hard winters work on rabbits this bitch would enter the show ring in immensely hard condition. The show world should very proud of one of their dogs actually gaining this working certification, she passed her grading easy and is the first Bedlington terrier to have been subject to a grading. JOHN GLOVER.Working grading examiner.


How proud Nicki and I are of this little show/working bitch, now proven fit for purpose. It will be wonderful to see Yuva in show trim at working terrier shows, knowing her to be a true working bedlington. Congratulations to Nicki and Yuva the first show bedlington to take and pass working grade 2 certificate. Thank you to John Glover for examining Yuva and Tim for handling and getting the best out of this fantastic all round bitch. Yuva is not yet three and will carry on ridding us of vermin, she will continue to be entered at shows and I will look forward to seeing Yuva in the ring at both KC and working events.


Agathasmum Louise said...

We're so pleased for you Nicki and Yuva. How good is it to be the first to prove Mr Glover wrong in his opinion of the KC bedlingtons in the show ring!

Viv said...

Great stuff, Yuva!


Well done to Yuva, bet your chuffed Nicki.

The Makems

Julie said...

Hi,Well Done Yuva. a very versatile little dog.

Lesley 2 said...

Form Mr John Glover

"In response to my press release regarding the grading of Burmington Truly Blue I know that Agathasmum Louise has totally got it wrong. Firstly no-one has proven me wrong, I graded the dog remember!! What has happened is the dog competantly worked rabbits. That does not mean that show type Bedlingtons are typical. Yuva is a slight bitch with a dark coat but there is room for improvement, don't let that take anything away from that little dog however. Equally so it does not prove me wrong I reiterate most show Bedlingtons fail as working dogs, very badly too.
One significant thing you should all remember is Nicky Kinns does not keep masses of dogs and have pound signs flashing before her eyes, its one to one. Would I improve any of Yuva? Physically yes I would, but she does ferret well. I could get a show dog to work a fox in accordance the law as it stands, namely Exempted Hunting in line with The Hunting Act 2004 but what I could not do with such an animal is rectify physical faults. Think long and hard and congrats to Nicky & Yuva."

EJ said...

Yeeeey Yuva! I do love hearing about that little dog she reminds me of my Cotton! I didn't think Cotton had any working instinct but rabbits are everywhere now, I think if she was allowed to she would get them, I don't want her to get anything incase she doesnt um...dispose of it properly! She completely changes, it's like I don't recognise her when she goes into that 'mode'. Whether she would make a good working dog or pass this sort of thing I don't know ;)Its nice that some are fit for function but we have bedlingtons for different reasons and I love them all.

Stuart said...

Many congratulations Yuva, from Dad and Grannie. Harry(Ch Lowbrook Llaffan JW ShCM) and Lucy(Lowbrook Lucy Lastic) also Uncle Maurice (Lowbrook Lambent Laurel ShCM)all of them Crufts winners.

Tina W said...

Congratulations Yuva-you showed them girl!!

bill said...

Well done little Yuva....
Is this an official grading by any reconised body

David Bruce said...

A dog chasing a rabbit out of a bush and sniffing a few holes can scarcely qualify it as a worker.
These are activities that real working dogs perform daily on after teatime walks.
Mr Glover seems to be playing "both ends against the middle" here.
Let's be realistic, a working dog qualification would have encompass much much more than what has been described here.

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

Well said David.
Long time no hear!! You ok!?

David Bruce said...

Hi Matthew, had a rough last year - and an expensive one - divorce lawyers don't you just love em?
My girlfriend is from Hartlepool - no to far from yourself . Always tickles me to se Foggyfurze library on the drive into Hartlepool lol.

Lesley 2 said...

This subject could turn into a heated argument not appropriate for this blog. Go and argue the point on the working bedlington forum!

Mr Glover tested the dog through certain disciplines in the field to see her work along side ferrets, she proved to be a good dog to go out rabbiting and no more. This little KC winning show bitch proved she not only meets the breed standard for the show ring but is fit for purpose.

This subject is now closed!!

paul waddington said...

my name is paul waddington and i attended yuva's grading day as photographer.this dog did more than just sniff a few holes and stand around beleive me!! she marked with acuracy and we ferreted some sets that were not marked to prove that fact. she worked through cover at a steady methodical pace and left no stone unturned so to speak,she displayed steadyness to ferrets and sheep at close quarters and proved she could negotiate obsticles during her work such as fences etc... when the ferrets were entered she stood back and was alert to undergrond movements and when rabbits bolted she held them in both purse and long nets as well as catching one only a yard out of the hole as it passed through a net into thick woodland. as a rabbitting dog you cant ask to see much more than that!!!there are photos that will be published soon that will prove all of these facts. this dogs owner has never claimed it to be a earth dog only a rabbiting dog and it proved its self as such on the day.i have worked terriers to ground myself and beleive this is the ultimate work for a terrier but in todays political climate if a owner only choses to work rabbit who are we to judge,afterall it isnt a failed earth dog it just hasnt been reard and trained as such so has nothing to prove below groung. i have no affiliation to the bedlington terrier and to be honest i dont like the breed but this little do proved it could hold its own and perform the task it had been trained to do!!!!

Lesley 2 said...

Thank you to Paul for his comment.

Yuva I am sure will spend many enjoyable winter's days out with Tim and his ferrets.

The subject is definitely now closed