09 July 2012

Paw Licking



am having problems with Alys, she has started to chew and lick her front paws. I have heard of this before but do not know if anything can be done to stop it. Her paws look really sore, but only the front ones. She did it a little last summer but stopped after a few weeks, this time they really seem to bother her, even in the middle of the night. I would be grateful of any advice. Have enclosed a photo taken after our trip to Crufts in March, we went on to the Peak District for a few days, no rain then !!!
Thanks Rod, Chris, Lucy & Alys

Thank you Rod and Chris, I know how difficult it can be to stop once the habit of paw licking gets a hold. Many bedlingtons have this problem including my old girl Chelsea. She has licked her paws since a pup and been on steroids and anti fungal shampoo baths on and off most of her life. The only medication that seemed to work for her is “ Cotravance” Spray. It is not a cure to what could well be an allergy but it does stop the itching and heals the inflamed red skin in between the toes. Unfortunately after a time the condition returns and we have to resort to once again using the spray.


Flora Moreno de Thompson said...

One of my Bedlingtons does this too. I give him an allergy pill everyday and it seems to ease his itchiness. It also reduces the brown color around his paws.

EJ said...

I would see the vet for a check up first. Cotton does this too and if you have a look at the post below this 'Adlington Carnival' you will see her brown back paws! There doesnt seem to be a pattern to it it seems to be when she is feeling a bit bored (despite walks, training, play etc), spoke to the vet about it and they didnt feel she needed medication but I have been able to break the worst of it with a cone and bitter apple spray. Diet can have an influence too. But there is such a thing as aural lick syndrome and they just lick with no apparent reason, my westie had this but never licked to infection as Cotton has done!

patricia said...

Larry licks his paws too, I pop thornit powder between his toes, as sometimes they pick up mites we cant see them but they are there and make them itch, its sulphur based, also the allergy pill is a good idea doesnt hurt them.