29 July 2012

Results From Leeds Championship Show

Judge: Mrs Alice Emsley

BEST OF BREED : 7589 WALTERS, Miss D B U & MITCHELL Mr B S M Ch Rathsrigg Millrace
Dog CC : 7589 WALTERS, Miss D B U & MITCHELL Mr B S M Ch Rathsrigg Millrace
Res Dog CC : 7561 GRAHAM Mr T D & Mrs J E Ruffsfurze Kazan
Bitch CC : 7583 RICHARDSON Mr C & Mrs C A Highdene High Society
Res Bitch CC : 7579 PHILLIPS, Mr & Mrs & RATHSRIGG Mrs J Ch Cassdenal Serendipity
Best Puppy : 7547 BANNISTER Mrs Y E & Mr C R Miteymidgets Look Of Love
Best Veteran : 7548 BANNISTER Mrs Y Miteymidgets Myaquila
Best Breeder : BANNISTER

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Congratulations Donna  and to all the winners but especially Jane and Trevor with their lovely young boy Arthur who won his first reserve Challenge Certificate. 
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Well done to team Miteymidgets for winning the breeders group and to Paul and Mark for Janmark Jeremiah’s third in the Junior stakes 


Kierlander said...

Well done to all the winners

Agathasmum Louise said...

Well done everyone.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Congratulations everyone, a good show with half decent weather for a change.

poppydog said...

Well Done again Arthur from Sister Esther!!

Stuart said...

Alice's Critique is available in Terrier World.