20 July 2012

We Wish Billy And Miss Colin Good Luck…..



As she is off to “Roxby” and rabbit land where she is going to defend her working Bedlington Champion title this weekend.



Yes Good luke Billy on Sunday.

The Makems

tony waller said...

Good luck for tomorrow.

Mark - Janmark Bedlingtons said...

Might have a pop over on Sunday myself, hope you have a good day.

sugarcroft said...

Good Luck Miss Colin

Julie said...

Best of Luck Miss Colin and Billy.
Show what a real Bedlington is made of.

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

I might go along too mark.
But isn't it a "working" show!?


Good luck Billy and Miss Colin.

Mary said...

Go for it Billy!!!

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

We didn't make the show.
My mate didn't see any bedlingtons though.
May I ask, aren't they Moorgreen 2007 trophies in the bottom picture!?

Viv said...

Just shows what a consistent little dog she is. Nice when a dog can carry on winning for several years

bill said...

just got back from the show,what a day must have been 60mph wind gusts on top of the moors
you will be glad to hear mattew miss colin did not retain her title,it went to a lakeland
no bedlington class again today so Issacc had to go in the under20" rabbit dog,no luck there dominated by whippets
one class left av terrier but as it happens it was all bedlingtons
1st Ch Miss Colin
2nd Ch Issacc
3rd Bobbie
i did not get the name of the other dog,and two other bedlingtons did not enter.
There was a fella there judging some other terrier class and he came over to see me,he has been all over looking for a stud dog for his bitch and heard about Issacc.He came over had a look over Issacc and it just so happened i had his pedigree in the jeep and he took my number for when his bitch is in heat.He new what he was talking about and we had a canny bit chat,i think his name is Nigel Stokes or something like that.
so after the show we all went off to crimdon dene for a bit blood sport to finish the day off with 6 bull x grey and various saluki x grey and of course my two,six hours later i got home.

Stuart said...

Could have been Nigel Stock who used to show a bit some time ago.

matthew-seaofiron bedlingtons said...

It will have been.
He lives over in Farndale on the Moors near Roxby.
He often judges at local shows, ferrets too.

Lesley 2 said...

I know Nigel Just cant place him!