18 July 2012

Wednesday’s News From Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. This photo was taken earlier this year but it's still raining although not as bad as this. The older dogs hate going out in it but Ecco and Solo don't mind. Elwyn arrived home after a very wet fishing holiday with Stu and Angela. he enjoyed the break but wished it had been a bit drier. He didn't catch a single fish and it's going to take him ages to clean the caravan.
Good news from Diane Herbert. She took Misty to see the eye specialist and she doesn't have cataracts but an eye condition common in older dogs. She won't go blind but bright sunlight will affect her vision. We are looking into finding dog sunglasses. has any one any idea if they are available?
Although they are not from Wales, I'd like to extend our good wishes to Janet and David Taylor who's son is getting married in London on Saturday. I hope they have a fantastic day and the sun shines on the celebrations.
We've got tickets for the first event in the Olympics next week. We're going to watch the women's football in Cardiff and Great Britain are playing New Zealand. The stadium won't be full but they have sold 33,000 tickets for the game. I'll keep you posted! Enid

Thank you Enid, not exactly raining here today but very dull and overcast. I can hardly remember the few sunny warm days we have seen this year. Good news about Misty what a worry it must have been with a possible huge vet bill for the cataract operation. Do hope the sun shines for the wedding the forecast is for Saturday is sunny spells and mostly dry!   



Hello Enid, Didn't know you had a swimming pool in your garden.

The Makems

patricia said...

loveley picture, my 2 hate the rain. and wont even wee ...

Trish said...


Here is a link for dog sunglasses in the UK....also there are "doggles" check them out.

k9 said...


Hub international have doggie sunglasses but you may have to ask them to bring them to the shows also many moons ago my Solo had a simalar eye problem and I found a doggie baseball hat and the peak kept the sun off her eyes and this worked well.

K9 Carmel