31 August 2012

Suffolk Punch Spectacular & County Show



If anyone is at a loose end on Sunday and anywhere within striking distance of Newmarket, my sculptor friend Gina and I will be having a stand at the Suffolk Punch Spectacular and Country Show, at the Animal Health Trust, Lanwades Park. Besides the show, which will feature everything to do with that magnificent (and endangerd) horse, the Suffolk Punch, there will be doggy stuff, hound packs, heavy horses galore and all manner of trade stands. Gina and I were also invited to exhibit work in the Spectacular Art Exhibition, of equestrian and rural art. A couple of pictures attached, which I'm exhibiting at the Art Show. Viv



Thank you Viv, these two pictures are outstanding you would think they were photographs! I wish we lived close enough to go along, definitely a great day out with a chance to meet those noble horses. 



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29 August 2012

Bury Sporting Terrier Open Show October the 6th


This is a show for those not travelling for the BTA Championship Show. Entries Close 15 September The Sec:Mrs C A Parker 01282 866401.

Grooming Table & Cages For Sale


We are selling 2 x cages and a grooming table. We will be at Newby Hall from the Wednesday. If anyone is interested I can arrange for them to see the items. For more information please email me at  carol.ws@allertonsteel.co.uk .
Carol Wharton-Smith

News From Wales


Good morning Bloggers. We had a good trip to SKC with fairly good weather and the best Chinese meal ever! There were big celebrations in the Bannister camp with Aquila winning her third ticket - a take away, chocolate cake and Champagne - can't fault it!
It was fortunate that we had decided to delay going until Wednesday because our new bath sprang a leak in the cold water tap and while we were loading the van, water had started coming through the ceiling. Just imagine the mess if we'd been away when it happened.
It was van cleaning today ready to go again to Darlington. Hefin was having a little break when Larry and Solo decided that there was plenty of room on his lap for two Bedlingtons.

A couple of reminders of forthcoming events-
29th Sept. MBTC Open Show at Freehay - judge is Alex Hurley
30th Sept Terrier Club of South Wales at Rhondda fach Sports Centre, Tylorstown - Judge is Roger Bannister
6th oct. BTA Championship Show at Middleton Chenney - Judge is Ken Bounden
27th Oct MBTC Grooming Seminar at Kegworth Village Hall
Good luck to all those showing at Birmingham on Saturday.

Thank you Enid, that pudding looks yummy, what a lot of work and thought gone in to making it. Fantastic to read about Aquila, looking at the photo a well deserved win. Just to remind everyone going to Darlington  Viv will be handing out the orders  for 2013 bedlington calendars. Contact Viv  viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com if you would like to reserve one.

28 August 2012

Gipcyan Bobber Becomes A Champion


Yesterday at Andrew Classic Show, the Gipcyan Bobber won the class to become  a  champion bike. Next show is the Champion of Champions at Uttoxeter Racecourse 25th September Billy
Fantastic Billy all that hard work building the bike has paid off, champion working dogs and champion motorbikes what next!

News From Seamus

Izzy comes to stay with Seamus


A little while ago, Izzy, the lhasa apso came to stay for a fortnight while Sally & Sean's daughter and family were on holiday. Seamus & Izzy took Sally & Sean and their grandaughter Sophie to The Essex Dog Day yesterday. We couldn't believe how many dogs were there. They had to close all the classes because they had reached their maximum entries.Last year there were 7000 people and they raised £25000 for a children’s charity. Both dogs had a lot of fuss made of them. Seamus entered the puppy class and was placed 1st out of 50
Thank Sean, what an event, all those dogs in one place, doggie paradise.    You must be so proud of Seamus to win out of a class of 50 puppies is fantastic congratulations!!! 

27 August 2012

SKC Winners



Congratulations to Dorothy and Yvonne, many thanks to Enid for the photo!

Ben And Lucy Support The Dog Trust


Good morning to all our friends on the blog.
Ben and I thought we would send you all a pic. to cheer you up - well, it seems to make people smile. No doubt you are as fed up with the RAIN as we are - we have been caught in HEAVY showers 4 times this last week - mum (Dora) does her best but even though it is fine when we leave home the heavy rain comes so . . quickly. The other day was a major humiliation as Mum made us run to shelter in a supermarket trolley bay ! ! !
Anyway a few weeks ago (when it was fine) the Dog Trust display van came to our Market Square where Dora was on duty helping to raise money for the charity. Ben and I dressed smartly and put on our Dog Trust bandanas and joined them for a couple of hours. It was super - lots of pats and cuddles - and we made new friends - the men said we were good as they only bring stuffed toy dogs for their displays. Anyway here is our photo that Dora took when we got home.

Well done Ben and Lucy I bet you raised a lot of money that day. With the pats and cuddles you will want to go again!

26 August 2012

Today at Milton Keynes and D CS show in Wellingborough

Junior 1 - Vakurblue Bacon Buttie (Mavis)
           2 - Vakurblue Eggie Bread (Barney)
PGB 1 - Tobanie Earth Song (Tammy)
         2 - Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget)
BOB Tammy
RBOB Mavis

Tammy was placed 3rd in the PG Stakes - great for the Bedlingtons!  A great day lots of fun and chatter! Hope we can get some more entries for next year. Mary
Thank you Mary well done to you and Trudie,  sounds like you had a fun day.

Quick Wee Then Home

We Like This

Parker and Yuva Go Boating

25 August 2012

Ramsey Finds A Sunny Spot


The sunniest spot in the kitchen this morning was the magazine basket!

Results From Today At Scottish Kennel Club


Click HERE for the full results

Congratulations to all the winners especially Yvonne for winning her 3rd CC making up Myaquila into a champion!

Congratulation to Mark and team Janmark who won the Breeders Group.

24 August 2012

And Then There Was One!


This Weekend Is Also The Cheshire game Fair



Click HERE for details

Warwickshire And West Midland Game Fair


I have been told that there are two bedlington classes scheduled in the working terrier show.

New Pup To The Blog

I'm Stanley "Seaofiron Royal Destiny". I'm 14 week old and I live in the North East of England and Iv'e just been to see Eileen to get a hair cut and for my boss to get a few tips on how I should be looked after. Met the Makem clan and I'm sure I'll be able to sort them out once I grow up. Excuse the funny look of my eyes it's that darn flash light in the cameraz

Don't I look a bit hairy and ragged but of cause this is me before the clippers got to work. and before the struggle.


Ahhhhhh!!!!! you are all going to say, what a pretty boy I am, hasn't Eileen done a good job. Wonder what's in store for me next.As we say in the North East, Ta! Ta!

Thank you  Eileen he certainly looks very grown up and handsome!

Petition To Ban Puppy Farms (Please Sign)

The sale of puppies and dogs in pet shops is fuelling the battery puppy farming trade. On these 'farms', both breeding dogs and puppies are often kept in appalling conditions which fail to meet their welfare needs. Even where such premises are formally licensed, conditions are most often inadequate for proper care of the dogs

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23 August 2012

How Cute Is Ted



Ted the 10 week old liver pup owned by Sue Jenkins came in for a trim this afternoon.Louise and I really enjoyed grooming this little man he is so cute, a real character with his facial expression and little button nose!

You Might Find This Interesting

Eli Goes To Live In Kent

samsung photos 129-001

Baby Eli left home yesterday with his new Mum and Dad and has gone to live in Kent very close to Pat with Larry and Leo. Eli has already settled well into his new home and i will be looking forward  to seeing him develop and grow!. When big enough he will be out and about with the Kent bedlington dog walkers!

More Pictures HERE

22 August 2012

Ramsey This Morning

Lots of cuddles in store for Ramsey after Bertie leaves for his new home on Friday. Ramsey will  certainly feel lonely without his litter mates to play with. Ramsey will be going off to Holland in a couple of week’s time to live with “Touch” the bedlington and “Devlin” the Kerry Blue terrier..  

Do You Have A Young Dog That Needs A Home?

Simon Lathan is looking for a young dog between the ages of 1 & 3 years old. He does not want a rescue but looking a family pet,  with no fault of its own  needs a new forever home. If you can help please contact Simon on 07785504053


bernie 1

This is Bernie one of Asha’s babies who left home yesterday. Here he is snuggling up to his new mum.

New Crew Member


Hi One and all,
Sapphire and Jazz would like to introduce you another member of the K9 Marshal Crew, her name is RUBY, when she is old enough she will start her training with Sapphire and Jazz to be a member of the K9 Marshal Crew, Whitchurch Dog Display Team, the S and J Fishing Team. Ruby will also be training towards gaining  a gold medal in the top cuddle dog competition lol.
We will keep you all posted how she is getting on and a big THANK YOU to the very nice person who got little RUBY to us ( you know who you are )! Next time we see you lots of kisses and cuddles will be coming your way. Bye for now SAPPHIRE, JAZZ and IAN

21 August 2012

Summery Of Entries Scottish Kennel Cub

25 dogs making 32 entries

Admission & Car Park Pass For City Of Birmingham Champ Show

If anyone would like these passes please contact Stuart Yearley of leave a message in the comments

We Are Still Here!

Hi Everyone,
Well we are still busy in this part of the world, what with work and Sapphire and Jazz adventures, where they like to run and play with their doggy friends., Last week end our friend got married at Whittington Castle, thank goodness the weather stayed dry for them! On bank holiday weekend we ( i.e Sapphire, Jazz, Mom and I) are of to Welshpool to do two dog displays with the the dog display team,  the following weekends the k9 marshal crew will be back in action on 2 charity banger meetings


This week there has been a bicycle rally just down the road at Ellesmere Collage with up to 500 cyclists. On Friday the all came through the town so Sapphire, Jazz and I had a walk down the road  to cheer them. To see that many of them was great but not for cars on the roads who had  to pass!!  It was like a scene from a slowed down tour de France.


That wasn't the only thing we saw while we were out  on our adventures, down the canal at Grindly Brook locks we saw 3 big herons on the tow path and a sparrow hawk hovering just 15 feet from us,o little Sapphire ran up to it barking to see if it wanted to play and it decided to fly off. So for now we will sign off and get to bed for we have an early start tomorrow it’s my weekend to work BAR-HUMBUG bye bye for now Ian and the K9 Crew

Thank you Ian all those cyclists must have caused quite a delay amongst the local traffic. It looks to have been a wet day, not much fun peddling in the rain! 

20 August 2012

We Say Goodbye To Baby Ivan


Jayne Fletcher travelled all the way down from Whitely Bay Tyne and Wear to collect her baby. Hopefully as I write this he will be half way on his way home. He is going to live with Esther and Eva and I look forward to seeing him grow up with his older sisters. I do know some time in the future he will be visiting Derek and Eileen and their bedlington family.

Rose’s Birthday

Rose (3)

Hi Everyone!damp
I just wanted to share with you, that today is my lovely Rose's 12th birthday. She came into my life when she is 3 1/2 years old and was a perfect fit. She has been a perfect lady and a real treasure.
We have had a very busy summer....my granddaughters where here for 3 weeks with me, they are aged 12 and 9....we had so much fun, I didn't want them to leave. Both of my sons came to visit for a week each, so we had a full house...it was exhausting but a lot of fun.....the dogs were smothered with attention and LOVED it!!! I also had my one son's dog here for 2 weeks with the granddaughters, a little poodle-bichon mix....she clicked right into place...so I had 6 girls & guess what???? Not one moments trouble!! I think my son's dog loved being part of a pack for 2 weeks, she too had a super fun time!!
We have had a very hot and wet summer.....rain, rain, rain rain.....we never have rain in the summer!!! I don't think I have had to water the garden more than once or twice...it is really getting tiresome...my yard is like walking on a wet sponge and of course there are a couple of the dogs who HATE getting wet....even getting her feet wet, so she is not happy about all of the rain. I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer thus far. Love from me and the Woofs.....
Thank you Tricia and a very happy birthday to Rose. She looks really lovely in the photo, you would never think she is now 12. Do hope she enjoys her very special day with the other woofs. Sounds like you have had a fantastic fun filled summer with all of the family, it must have seemed very quiet when all the dogs and children finally went home. Talking about wet, wet, wet, wet, we have had a very damp summer as well  not many days when the gardens needs watering.       

19 August 2012

Uplands, Lurcher and Longdog Club Show



Bull cross was chosen as the champion lurcher, thank you to Billy for the photo


Today was the Uplands, Lurcher and Longdog Club Show. I was hoping Bramble would win the BOB which would make it 3 years in a row, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. (I’ve had words with him and if he doesn't retain his BOB shield for Wolsingham this year his gravy bones are being seriously reduced). There was a decent turn out, and around the show field  I counted a total of 11 bedlingtons. About 40 minutes from the start of the show it started to rain and continued until the BOB was being judged. Hopefully we will have better weather for next week’s show at Blanchland (on Monday) and for the week after at Wolsingham. Karen and Bramlble





Many thanks to Lesley and John who have allowed me to keep the cup for a further 2 weeks until Wolsingham, so I can get the cup engraved, as I forgot to get it done and only realised last night! Karen and Bramble.
Thank you Karen well done to “Summer” you never know Bramble may win the cup back next year! It is so nice to see good turn out of  bedlingtons at the Terrier and Lurcher Shows

A Fun Day at Warwickshire Hunt Kennels Open Day.



IMG_0499download (1)

Eleven bedlingtons braved the heat to to show this afternoon in the Terrier Show. It was a relaxed fun afternoon, Louise and Chokko won bedlington dog, Margaret and Pippa won bedlington Bitch and Fudge at 14 won Best Veteran In Show. Considering the heat, all the dogs did really well and came home with coloured ribbons. Many thanks to everyone who supported the classes today and hopefully we see will bedlingtons on the schedule at next year’s Open Day. 



Thank you to John Glover who sent me a photo of his liver bitch.

18 August 2012

Results From WKC

BEST OF BREED : 4976 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander
Dog CC : 4976 KIERNAN, Mr P & LIU Mrs D Bisbee Ikatcher At Kierlander
Res Dog CC : 4962 CUMMING Mr & Mrs P Ch Rocabec Definitely Maybe
Bitch CC : 4970 HURLEY Mr A L Fralex Culibre Pharos
Res Bitch CC : 4948 AMES Mrs S & Mr N Ch Sharnor Emerald Electra JW
Best Puppy : 4963 DAVIES Mrs S Honeymist Sunny Delight
Best Veteran :
Best Breeder : MRS DAVIES

Full Results Click HERE

Congratulations to Peter with his young dog, Jacqui and all the winners!

Stop Press
Congratulations to  Denice who won the Kennel Club Veteran Stakes at the Welsh Kennel Club show today with her bitch Alice Springs at Cassdenal.

The Warwickshire Hunt Kennels Open Day Tomorrow



Click HERE for Terrier and Lurcher schedule
Click HERE for Novelty Class Schedule

After attending this show many times over the years with bedlingtons., they have at last scheduled bedlington classes for the first time. Please come along it is a fantastic afternoon with a novelty dog show as well as the terrier and lurcher show. Do come along  and support the bedlington classes, a good entry tomorrow will guarantee classes for next year!



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American Kennel Club Gazette


Click HERE 
Check out the Bedlington notes by Laurie Friesen, “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hound Dog”  on page 23

17 August 2012

A Grand Day Out at Hadleigh Park on Sunday 19th August

A Grand Day Out is returning to Essex’s Hadleigh Country Park for the second year in a row, hosting the dog walk to rival all dog walks on Sunday August 19th.

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News: SKC moves inside due to ‘severe ground damage’

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Last Night At East Midlands Canine Society

1st graduate - Mavis (Vakurblue Bacon Buttie)
2nd Barney (Vakurblue Eggie Bread)

1st open Freddie (Sevray Rebus)
2nd Bridget (Seaofiron Where Angels Play)

BOB Freddie
RBOB Bridget

It was a beautiful evening in breezy Fens and a very friendly show - hope we can get some more entries for next year. Mary

Thank you Mary well done to Freddie and Bridget, sounds like you had a really enjoyable evening!

16 August 2012

Question From Julie Brooks

Does anybody know the order of judging for the Welsh Kennel Club Show?
Regards Julie x



The 'Hound'

This 'Hound' is a pencil study of my very own lurcher, Tilly...in hunting mode

Thank you to Alan for sharing with us his latest drawing of Tilly his bedlington lurcher, click on the link in the index column for more information on Alan’s animal portraits.

Entries For City Of Birmingham & Richmond

Entries for City of B/ham are 15 dogs, 16 entries and Richmond 12 dogs, 13 entries. Thankfully a lot better than Bournemouth!
Thank you to Jane for the info