31 October 2012

News from Wales




Good morning, Bloggers,
Solo had his birthday pork pie while we were away at Midland Counties. Needless to say, he had to share it with all of us as I only give a tiny taste!
We had a good day at the MBTC grooming seminar at Kegworth. here's a photo of Bertie looking very smart after his haircut. I was pleased to be able to help Seamus who is one of Ecco's boys.It was good to see Sarah with the coat she had knitted for Jasper. I've started knitting one for Larry who feels the cold badly these days. He will be fouteen in a couple of weeks so I've chosen bright red wool to cheer up the winter months. Sarah also brought along some of the donkeys she's knitted for the Donkey Sanctuary in Devon. They are very, very good. Perhaps she will post a picture of them for you to see?
A couple of people asked for my recipe for liver cake. There are lots on line but this is mine.(old measure )
8oz. liver
8 oz. self raising flour
2 eggs
2 cloves of garlic or 2 teaspoons of puree
Mix together in a food processor until smooth (look awful and smell horrid!)
Line a cake tin with foil and pour in the mixture.
Bake in the oven at gas mark 4 for 30/40 mins.
It should be springy to the touch and not wet inside, When cool, cut into small bits and freeze in little bags ( I use old plastic money bags from the bank) I'm going to try wholemeal flour next time as it is better for dogs The dogs are always dribbling over the cooking smells but I have to open the windows to get rid of them! Happy baking Enid

Thank you Enid love the look of big pork pie, I wonder if anyone has a home made recipe we can adopt as a blog pie birthday treat? I think all bedlingtons love liver cake it certainly is favourite with al of mine. Do send us a photo of Larry’s coat, I am just on the front part of Chelsea’s but had to change the pattern slightly as it was working out to big. I have to say I have made a few mistakes but hopefully they won’t show when finished.
My fudge who is also fourteen had a op to remove a tumour yesterday, although an old girl she is very fit and seems fine if just a little stiff this morning, she is sitting right now looking at me for food, Fudge is permanently hungry, luckily the operation  has not changed her obsession to look for any tiny morsel dropped on the kitchen floor. 

30 October 2012

Genie And The Tubby Gang


We went to see Genie and her puppies again yesterday. They have grown so much, proper little tubbies! They are all beautiful, and I have no idea yet which of the 2 little girls I will be bringing home in a few weeks time. The little boy is a real character and spends most of his time lying on his back with his legs waving in the air.Genie is a great mum, and manages to look her usual immaculate self (well, almost!), whilst rearing her brood of three. I can't wait to introduce our new baby to Chokko and Agatha. Chokko loves puppies, and I'm sure he will be teaching her all sorts of mischief! Louise

Thank you Louise the pups have certainly have grown and Genie looks terrific.  It won’t be long before they are on their feet, then the fun begins!

Let’s Get Knitting!!


This lovely coat was kniitted by Lynne Sankey for her bedlington Charlie. I am half way through a pink coat for Chelsea.. Don’t be put off as it is easy to knit. I hade to go to You Tube to find out how to cast on!!! .Just take a copy of the pattern into the wool shop and they will they help you select a suitable wool and needles. Just £6 for three balls of wool to complete  this for Chelsea.   

New Website “ I Judge Dogs”



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29 October 2012

Lots of Scary Fun For The K9 Marshall Crew


Hello All
Well we have a good few weeks helping out at Whittington Castle, so much fun and laughter has been had. Sapphire and Jazz have been helping me out by banging doors and rattling windows and making people jump and scream out loud. Every night we try something different so the people don't know what to expect from us. Last Saturday was one of the best yet, in one of the rooms of the castle is a well dug down to 4 feet and topped with reinforced glass where there is a suspect  ghost of a young boy. While the narrator was talking about this part of the castle and it was quiet I slammed a big book shut and scared the lot of them,  Sapphire and Jazz laughed there socks off!!!  .
In-between the spooky goings on  on the last night i.e. Saturday,  Sapphire,Jazz and myself were patrolling the castle grounds. We noticed that it was a full moon, some poor souls had started the tour we began howling, just to add the effect that they were in for a freight ( ha ha ) When not at the castle  we have had some very good adventures, when I have more time I ( sorry we ) will do a full report bye bye for now Sapphire, Jazz and Ian


Thank you Ian sound like you and the dogs really had fun on the Halloween tours frightening the visitors.  I love the autumn photo of the dogs on a never ending carpet of leaves.

Eli Has His First Trim


He now has 4 new teeth and he learnt to cock his leg about 2 weeks ago, He loves everybody and other dogs but can be quite sensitive to strange noises. I am a little concerned about bonfire night as our other dogs didn't mind the noise. He is a funny little lad and brings us lots of pleasure although he can be very stubborn and refuses to go for a walk when its raining, but we don’t take no for an answer and he really enjoys it when he gets going. He is still digging holes all over the garden and burying all manner of things he comes in covered in mud looking really pleased with himself. We are still barf feeding and it seems to be working he is growing well and is the picture of health.
Tony and Deborah

eli 2I think I will sneak on the chair for a nap while no one was looking,

Thank you Tony and Deborah, Eli is now 4 months old and one of Asha’s paler coated pups. He certainly is growing into a beautiful boy. Eli does not take after his brother Ramsey who loves the water.

xxxxxxxxxRamey Eli’s brother taking a dip in a very cold lake in Holland.

28 October 2012

Not Only Snow Here But A Hurricane Heading For Oracoke USA


Jacob is getting ready for his first Hurricane. Right now he is busy sleeping in his crate....he did go out to potty wrapped in a raincoat, so I could get him under the house where it is dry. He was very confused as to why he went outside this way! We will keep you posted on our storm situation as long as the power stays on!

The Cold wind Doth Blow and We shall Have Snow!

Dylan and Archie out for a morning walk in the first snow of the season and also being able to try out our new winter coats we had a good run about and didn’t get too wet it was fun. Deborah  SAM_1473

Thank you Deborah I think it is going to be a very long winter. The boys look cosy and warm.

Successful Grooming Seminar

The Club held a very successful grooming seminar on 27th October 2012 at Kegworth Village Hall. 17 groomers and would be groomers attended assisted by experienced groomers from the breed. Many thanks to Sharon Ames who led the seminar and to those who assisted both with grooming advice and in the kitchen

More photos can be found here on the MBTC  website

27 October 2012


Halloween The Mill Wyre Piddle. Fancy free winner.

Update On Noodles

111111Noodles Sleeping On Me

Hi just to update u on noodles. As u know we rescued her as she was deeply unhappy in her old home. At fist she wasn't getting on to well with William my younger male and I never viewed the rescue as a permanent thing just an opportunity for me to get her out of the place she was in and give her to a happy forever home.
As expected we have fallen head over heels in love with her and she is more than welcome to live with us for her remaining years.
When rescuing her I was told by her owners that she was ten and blind. When I got her home and took her for a check up with the vets I was told she is in fact fifteen, blind, and needs some teeth out and a scale and polish. I had noticed some big lumps and bumps on her teats. The vet wasn't sure if this was cancerous or not but assured me that she wasn't in any pain and it was just a case of making her comfortable over the next year or so. He did add that other than the above she was sooo healthy and happy.
She now gets on really well with William. there's no longer any rivalry and they actually play with each other and can eat there meals together right next to each other no problem. Understandably she was snappy and snarly and a bit bitey with all of us when she first arrived because she was scared and had lost all trust. I worked on some trust exercises with her and got a whole list of words to guided her around on walks and around the house. she now never growls or anything and knows her way around the house and can now run up and sown the stairs unassisted. She can even be let off of the lead on her familiar walks and doesn't trip over or bump into things because if I say 'careful' she just stops in her tracks or if I say' up' she knows there is a step or curb! She is so so happy, content and at home with us. Please upload this story onto the website so people know noodles is happy in her new home :-) I will do little updates from time to time to :-)
Also please confirm that u received the pictures I emailed to you earlier.
Many thanks,
Co she loves and trusts.rinne

This is such a lovely story, you are a very special lady not only taking on a rescue but training and giving a forever home to a  blind dog in her twilight years. It is lovely to read she has found a new dog friend in William and a family she now trusts and loves!

Early Morning Walk

Beautiful day here, The Mill Wyre Piddle.

Grooming Seminar Today



If you are going to the seminar have a great day, hopefully we will get sent some photos for the blog! Grooming  seminars are invaluable to those new to the breed who would like to trim their dogs. Also lots of tips and advice for experienced owners who already show trim their dogs!.



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26 October 2012

News: Random vet checks on KC agenda

RANDOM veterinary checks on any breed may be carried out at shows next year.

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Breeding standards and pedigree health questioned at EFRA debate

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Ted Comes For A Trim




Louise and I had a lovely afternoon  trimming Ted  ( nearly 5 months) who is owned by Sue Jenkins. Ted certainly was not  happy about the idea but eventually settled down. Ted is a lovely dog and we were amazed by his very thick coat. He certainly won’t be needing to wear a jacket  out doors this winter, 

Goodness How They Have Grown!


Genie and her babies! Thank you to Stuart but don’t forget to write to to Santa for a digital camera!! It would have need great o have clear close up photos of the babies.

25 October 2012

Results From Today At Midland Counies Champ Show




Click HERE for the class results

Well done to Peter, Shirley and all the winners!
Congratulations to Chris Meyers with (TOOLBOX HELPING HAND FOR TCHERIA (IMP SWE) who was third in the puppy stakes.

Ghosts and Ghouls At The Castle


Hello All,
Well there are something spooky things going on in North Shropshire and at Whittington Castle. Sapphire and Jazz are getting ready for some spooky goings on when they help out on the Halloween tours which started last Friday night and Saturday , and then every Friday and Saturday nights till the 31st October. After last weekend’s fun they are getting into the swing of things, and getting lots of treats bless them! Catch you all soon  from Sapphire, Jazz and Ian
P.S sapphire's name for the tours is Sapphire Pumpkin Pie and Jazz's is Jazzie Potter (Harry potters twin brother ha ha )

Thank you Ian I can remember Jazz and Sapphire having a great time at the castle last year helping with the ghostly Halloween Tours!

24 October 2012

Photos From The Lowerstoft Show

Carol and Bonnie LOBDCS Oct 2012

Here we have a very tentative Bonnie who was handled by Carol at the Lowerstoft show last Sunday


 Yuva LOBDCS Oct 2012

Feddie and Yuva


Seamus relaxing after the show.

Thank you to Sean and Sally O'Hara for the show photos. Carol certainly enjoyed her day handling Viv’s dogs. In the photo .Bonnie is listening to every word Carol is saying.

Birthday Girl Gets Her Prize


Rosie who is one year old today, complete with the obligatory. Ikea rat.She chose the black one, the others to go away for Christmas. Regards Carol & Paul.

Thank you Carol and Pail I see there is a new addition to the Ikea rats, first time I have seen a grey one!  Hope Rosie enjoyed her special day.

First Birthday Greetings!


Happy First Birthday today for this little lot, Rei, Freddie, Rigsby, Heidi, Rosie and Maisie 
Thank you Karen, happy birthday to the pups.  I wonder if they will all get a special blog pork pie for their tea!

A very Happy Birthday Today To……


Solo who is three today. Enjoy your blog pork pie and have a lovely day!!

Time To Go Beating


Maurice rests up before the start of the first shoot.  Maurice and Stuart enjoy days out with the shoot flushing out the pheasants. Beating is the last thing on his mind in this photo!

News from Wales


Good morning, Bloggers. It's Solo's third birthday today and he's going to have his pork pie party this afternoon at the Stafford Showground where we will be camping for the next couple of days. I'll post a picture next week.
Last Sunday, I found an out of date block of puff pastry in the freezer so decided to cook it in the same oven as the pork joint and give it to the birds. It must have absorbed some of the pork fat because it wasn't on the bird table for long before Larry and Ecco were up the tree trying to get at it. Ecco hasn't climbed for ages and had to be rescued as he didn't know how to get down. Larry, who will be fourteen in two weeks, had no trouble and almost managed to get at the pastry. There's life in the old dog still!
We've had great fun with the local dog walkers finding out whether their dogs like peanut butter treats or liver cake. I have to say that the liver cake has won by a huge margin. Ossie, the Labradoodle, ate everything on his plate except for the one peanut butter snack that was on it. Which was a disappointment to his owner Gaynor who had made them. Meg, the border collie, smelt the liver from a huge distance and came a sniffed my treat bag. She followed my all down the street with her nose on the bag. her tail was wagging for Wales when I gave her some. We'll be at the Grooming Seminar on Saturday so look forward to seeing some of you there.Enid
Thank you Enid, there is nothing more tasty for our dogs than home made treats especially liver cake. Well done Larry, it is lovely to see the old dogs full of life.
Safe journey up to Stafford good luck at the show and have an enjoyable day at the seminar.  

23 October 2012


. zzzzzz

Miserable rainy day today so even the Ikea rat is having a day in. The Makem

Thank you Derek they look so warm and cosy, what bedlington would want to go out in the rain when there is a soft chair to lay on and a warm furry cushion to put ones head! 

KC Names And Shames 100 breeds

Reading the article on the link below  I noticed  the Bedlington clubs  have failed to nominate a representative for the KCLC Breeds Council's new term of office which will run from 1st Jan 2013 to 31st December 2015.
The closing date for nominations for membership of the Council to 1st November 2012.

Click HERE and scroll down to article

She Won’t Find Me Here!!!


Just sending you a picture of camouflage leo, he thought I wouldnt notice him on the bed yesterday Pat.....
Thank you Pat Leo looks very comfortable, I can see do not disturb written all over his face!

It’s A Small World!


Last week I took a rather mysterious call from my brother John, he called to say I would be receiving a large envelope in the post. I was to open the outer envelope but NOT to open the inner one until I was on the phone to him, needless to say I was intrigued! The next day while at work an A2 size envelope arrived stating "DO NOT BEND" , once home with a cup of coffee in my hand I dialled John’s number. On his instruction I opened the envelope to find a signed photograph. The lady in the photo I did not recognise but the elderly gentleman I did. It was Boris Karloff, of Frankenstein monster fame. Now I had to confess to knowing the actor had been a bedlington owner, which surprised my brother and so he proceeded to tell me his tale.

He had been asked to take some photos at a film festival. Whilst there he was asked if he would like to meet Boris Kaloff’s daughter, Sara . While they were talking about her father she recalled his love of animals especially dogs, mentioning several breeds including bedlingtons, John’s ears pricked up at this point and he told her he had a sister who owned and bred bedlingtons. With this she asked her assistant for a photo and signed it "To Jane & Trevor fellow bedlington lovers from Sara Karloff. She still owns a bedlington only a youngster she told John, who is quite a naughty puppy but very, very much loved.
Funny old world isn’t it, Jane .

Thank you Jane what a lovely story and great to read Sara is keeping up with tradition in having a bedlington in the family!.

22 October 2012

Results from Yesterday At Lowestoft CS:

(Judge was Julie Oxbury)

Post Grad:
1st Nicky Kinns' Burmington Truly Blue (Yuva)
2nd Mary Godden's Vakurblue Bacon Buttie (Mavis)
3rd Gay Smith's Vakurblue Eggy Bread (Barney)

1st Viv Rainsbury's Sevray Repique (Bonnie)
2nd Joan Hamilton's Harrisclub Silver Charmer (Petal)
3rd Mary's Seaofiron Where Angels Play (Bridget ? or is it Brenda?)
4th Karen Button's Harriosclub Flash Harry (Taz)
5th Sean & Sally O'Hara's Doehey Ace of Hearts (Seamus)

1st Kath Tregett's Sevray Rebus (Freddie)
2nd Joan's Harrisclub Mister Moonray (Ziggy)
3rd Viv's Jetsway Mother's Ruin for Sevray

BOB was Bonnie, and Group 2 RBOB was Freddie.

My thanks to Caol Newton for showing my dogs for me (I was busy helping the Secretary with the show admin, as she's just come out of hospital after major surgery) Bonnie and Dora were 2nd in the Brace class later in the day, and Bonnie rounded it all off with 4th in the Stakes, winning a handy tenner Viv

Thank you Viv well done! A very good day for the Sevrays  

Reminder Of The MBTC Grooming Seminar This Saturday



The Club will be holding a Grooming Seminar

on Saturday 27th October 2012

at Kegworth Village hall - 5 minutes from Junction 24 on the M1

Bitch Puppy Wanted

I wondered if you could Put on Bedlington pictures that I am looking for a KC reg Bedlington puppy please. I am in north Yorkshire but will travel a bit for the right puppy. I am looking for a blue bitch. Many many thanks :-) Lauren Gotts

Archie and Dylan Enjoy A Walk in Middleton-in-Teesdale


Archie and Dylan out on their weekend walk in Middleton-in-Teesdale,  a walk in which we do quite often lots of open space where we can  have a good run about!


We finish our walk strolling in the woods where we get rather muddy we love it!
Thank you to Deborah for the lovely photos of the boys, there is nothing more a bedlington likes than to run and explore the woods and open countryside!

Last Chance For Calendars

The 2013 Rescue Calendars are now almost sold out (only a couple left). If anyone would like one (or more), please order as soon as possible, and I can have another print run done. I can deliver to LKA or post to you, but I won't be ordering too many "on spec" - please let me know if you want any, so I can have the right amount printed Thanks Viv viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com

21 October 2012

Summery Of Entries For Midland Counties Championship Show


Bedlington Terriers have 38 dogs making 54 entries. Bedlingtons show on Thursday

Bertie Pup Waiting For The Grooming Seminar


Here we have young  Bertie nearly four months old who will be attending the Midland Groomer Seminar next weekend. Looking forward to seeing him after his trim.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…….


A very well turned out Trevor in this Crufts photo! Lots of love from Jane all your bedlington family and of course everyone on the blog!

Yesterday At Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier


1st Miteymidgets Look Of Love
2nd Ruffsfurze Beren
3rd Doehey My Hearts Content By Bisbee
Res Tcheria Shenanigans


Post Graduate
1st Ruffsfurze Kazan
2nd Mollora Hazy Days At Bluesmurf
3rd Seaofiron Where Angela Play


1st Bisbee Belle Inni
2nd Sharnor Faithful Falcon
3rd Miteymidgets Myaquila
Res Bisbee Everlasting Life With Bluesmurf

Best of Breed and Best Puppy Miteymidgets Look Of Love
Reserve Best of Breed Ruffsfurze Kazan

Thank you to Derek Owen for the results and photos, cogratulations to  Yvonne and Jane!

20 October 2012



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Due to commitments there will be no further news on the blog today good luck to all who are showing this weekend.

19 October 2012

News: Dog lover Fogle who 'couldn't stop crying' when his Labrador died backs BBC for axing Crufts show because of over-breeding


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News: Kennel Club calls to Efra Committee for tougher action on puppy farmers



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Tomorrow Is ……


Open show, a fantastic entry of 18 Bedlingtons under their judge  Trudie Hewitt Taylor. If someone could let me have the results Ii will post to the blog on Sunday. 

ALSO on Sunday Lowerstoft And Oulton Broad and District Canine Society. Another good entry of 12  Bedlingtons to be judged by Julie Oxbury  

Just Six Days Old


This is none of Genie’s babies not sure if the dog or one of the girl babies? We will look forward to seeing them on their feet and getting into mischief in a few weeks time.