28 February 2013

Raw Meaty Bones book review by Nikki Brown


Nikki Brown will be making a pod cast on Raw feeding with “Dog world”

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News: BVA President sets out value of vets in animal and public health at annual London dinner


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Home Awaits For Bedlington Any Colour, Sex Or Age


I'm looking to rehome a female beddy,age,colour not important, has to be ok with cats, I live in derbyshire, if anybody knows of a beddy in need please contact me on 07944950513, thank you. Heather Scott

Getting Ready


Sapphire and Jazz here, our Uncle Ian has let us lose to do our report again (ha ha ha )! He is looking over our shoulders to see if we need any help, we think he is a little worried what we might say about him behind his back like ugly and frumpy he he he!!  Well over the last fortnight we have been getting into learning the new routine for the new season of dog displays with Granny and Uncle Ian, the first event is on Sunday 17th March at Baschurch,  so we haven't got long to go now, Last Saturday we headed of to Chirk Marina as we heard that a presenter from Radio Shropshire (who does the dinner time slot 12:00pm till 3:00pm) is having a week on a narrow boat. He is doing his radio programme from the boat next week and will be travelling through Ellesmere and Uncle Ian has promised to take us to find him,  have a cup of tea and biscuits and listen to him do the show. You could say we are looking forward to it especially as almost 3 years ago The k9 marshal crew were on Crufts FM).


Uncle Ian has also told us that he knows that we have been texting Radio Shropshire  when he goes out forgetting his mobile, the people he goes to see at work have been telling him that they have heard the broadcasters reading our texts out on the airwaves. When he got home he chased us around the house to get his phone back and all we can do is laugh at him and run like hell so he cannot catch us!!! We  like to get involved with great things like helping our  D.J friend Johnty  with his treasure hunt and  help with the clues, The best  treat for us good this weekend was our  lovely walk from Colemere along the canal towards Whitchurch. Although it was a bit chilly we had a nice time stretching our legs, sniffing and exploring. We were out for most of the day and when we got home we got Uncle Ian to see how far we had gone along the canal. To our surprise we did 8 1/2 miles no wander we were tired when we got back to the Bedlie Limo, but credit where it is due Uncle Ian did give us a lovely tea and let us take a nice chew chew up to bed where we watched top gear on telly,  our favourite programme at the moment)! so for now we will say bye bye see you all soon Uncle Ian is calling us for our dinner with a cup of tea after it we hope! Jazz and Sapphire 

26 February 2013

February 2013 Online Kennel Gazette


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Order For Delivery To Crufts

I've had some greetings cards printed, and will be taking a few to Crufts. They're all 8" x 6", apart from one which is approx. 8" x 3 1/4", the cards are all blank inside, complete with envelopes. They will be £1.50 each, and if anyone would like some, please let me know Viv.
For more information or to place an order please contact Viv at viv.rainsbury@virginmedia.com
1Little Angels

25 February 2013



A wonderful photo of Nicky Kinn’s Chino taken by Gavin Carter.

Diary Date: The Bedlington Fun Day For 2013 Is 21st July


The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club are hosting the 2013 Fun day. Please note it is not in May this year!   Camping at the venue Brailes Village Hall Oxfordshire is available from Friday July 19 through until Monday 21st. Everyone welcome!   .

Dog News: Wonky the abandoned dog is helped by physiotherapy


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Friends For Life Launch Crufts 2013

More Snow


As we wake up to even more snow Archie and Dylan are out on there weekend walk in the woods.We all looking forward to spring and some warm sunshine we all sick of this cold weather. When the ground is hard and covered in snow our feet and legs aren't covered in mud, so that means no bath when we go home Yipeee.
Thank you Deborah a lot of snow in your area, lovely photo of the boys!

24 February 2013

Today At Billingham Synthonia Canine Club Open Show

Today's results, only 2 bedlington's entered.
Judge: Mr Richard Austin

Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved, 1st, BOB, BP, Group 2 and Puppy Group 1.

Honeymist Mellowtone Bluemazzu, 1st.

Thanks Lesley & John McNally

Well done Lesley and John and congratulations on your impressive group placings!  

Photos From Yesterday’s Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Show


Chris Mayer With The Best In Show Tcheria Flibbertigibbet

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Full results will be published on the club’s website



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23 February 2013

Say Hello To Guy

Hello Bloggers,
Woke up this morning to a good covering of snow though doubt if it will be around very long.  Still the dogs enjoyed their walk and a good roll around in the snow.
Soooooo  here we have Guy, born on bonfire night hence the name, a good one.  He's now 15 weeks old and this is his first trim.  He was born up at Consett so is used to snow and cold weather as up in them Durham hills can get a bit cauld.
Now living down on the Durham coast at Easington so he'll not be too cold without all his coat clipped off.  Hope to see him more and perhaps we'll see a few more pictures of Guy as he grows and sent in by his owner.


Is there a bedlington underneath that coat?


Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! thats a relief after such an ordeal.  Now don't laugh at me


Funny taste this snow.

Thank you Derek from a little ball of fluff into a lovely liver baby. I bet his mum and Dad thought they were taking home a different dog! Do hope we get to see more photos of Guy as he grows and develops!

Today AT Midland Bedlington Terrier Club Open Show

Judge: Stuart Plane

ccccccccBest In Show Mayers, Mr C & Mrs C Tcheria Flibbertigibbet

Reserve Best In Show Janmark Jeremiah Walshaw & Richardson J & P

Congratulations to all the winners, more photos and results tomorrow night or Monday!

Midland Bedlington Show

Good luck to everyone entered today.  55 beflingtons entered under Mr Stuart Plane. Check the blog later for the results.

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21 February 2013

Fun In The Sun


Seamus enjoyed playing in the sunny garden yesterday, although it was rather cold.


I think the alternative title for this one should be " How a bedlington banks round corners at top speed. Sally
Thank you Sally Seamus looks to be having a great time, the action shot is fantastic, it demonstrates  how the bedlington’s conformation makes it extremely agile and quick  turning! 

Enjoying The Sunshine


We hope you all have enjoyed the nice few days of sunshine that we all had like Sapphire and Jazz. We made the most of the sunshine while it lasted by having some nice walks along the canals and meres looking for some fishing spots, and we will have a go when the fishing season starts. One of Sapphire and Jazz's favourite places is a mere called Colemere. Yesterday both of them were full of the joys of spring (even if it is a bit early for that)!  Sapphire and Jazz met up with some new doggie friends as well as some old friends, they were in their element playing and running about, they even had a paddle  helping one of their friends fetch a stick out of the water. Half way round they always like to explore the waters edge to see what they could find and as they came around the corner they scared a Heron off. They just stood still and watched the Heron fly off to another part of the mere before more exploring.  After that they didn't find much but had a great time looking about. When we got back Brian told us of the sad news of Billy losing little Betty Beach Ball and our thoughts are with Billy and family for Betty was a true super star, I know we will all miss her (bless her fury little socks)..

Just for fun Sapphire and Jazz would like to know if any of the bloggers remembers the year when an Englishman won the world rally championship and in what rally car he/she was driving at the time ? Let’s get the brain cells working and wormed up before this years Fun Day (questions will be asked!  I think Sapphire and Jazz have something up their sleeves to raise a bit more for Bedlington Rescue and Re-homing. They had better ring Lesley to put the idea across to her to see what she thinks, I will let you know the out come (ha ha ha )! And NO I'm not having my head shaved again like the  last Fun Day. After the last Fun Day my poor head was freezing but thanks to Tony and Sarah for the nice woolly hat it kept my single brain cell warm!!! So for now bye, bye I've got to replace the brake pads on the Bedlie Limo before I take the K9 Marshal Crew out for their daily walk. Ian and the K9 Crew
Thank you Ian winter has returned to the Cotswolds biting wind this morning!! Still at least we are having lighter evenings. Just another month until the clocks change to summer time! Great news for rescue if you have another idea for raising money!  You can talk about it to Carmel and Brian as the Midland Bedlington Club as they are running the fun day this year.

20 February 2013

Microchipping At The Midland Show

The Mobile Microchipping Service will be at The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club show on Saturday. On offer is the new mini microchip for animals under 15kg, it's even smaller than the original, which is smaller than a grain of rice!
Show price on the day is £10.00. No need to book just turn up when you're not in the ring!
Your dog will be registered with Petlog the UK's largest National Pet Identification Scheme database, before midnight on Saturday.  Once registered you will be sent a certificate directly from Petlog.

Petlog database is accessible 24 hours a day on 0844 633 999 for lost pets.
The Implanter is Veterinary trained and fully insured. Any questions please ask on the day or ring Trudie on 07719 252 080.

Which Dog Food?


This website gives an insight to ingredients found brands sold in supermarkets and pet store in the UK
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Congratulations To Derek Lewis


This beautiful photo is the out right winner in the photo  competition  for the 2014 Bedlington Terrier Club Of America’s Wellness & Rescue Charity Calendar. Derek’s photo will be featured on the front cover.

Captain Jon?



Jacob at 8 weeks old


Jacob went to to live with Tricia, Chris  and the girls last September.  Unfortunately he recently hurt a leg when playing and had a very long ferry ride and car trip to the nearest vet. Jacob lives on Oracoke holiday island in the USA.  Jacob is now well on the way to a full recovery although it will be a while before he can join in  boisterous rough play with the girls. 

Crufts’ Early And Late Starts, And Ring Changes

Bedlington Terrier late start 10am; ring 3


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News: Man Reunited With Dog After 10 Years Apart


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18 February 2013

Billy Says Goodbye


It is with sad news I have to report that Billy had to say goodbye to Betty this morning. Betty picked up a serious infection and with her heart problems it became clear she was very very  poorly. Betty Beach Ball was one bedlington in a million and I knew there will be a few tears this morning as people read the news. We have lots of pictures of Betty so she will never be forgotten by us on the blog. Betty was much loved  and we feel for Diane, Billy and Hannah at this sad time.

Introducing “Fen”


I though I would share this photo of Fen. She is 4 & 1/2 months old. Her mum is Dawn Firzgerald's 'Sassy' and her Dad is my parents (Elaine & Ernie Tuck) 'Mac'. I brought her home last Wednesday and she is an absolute angel!

Thank you Katherine she is  gorgeous, I just love her little heart shaped white patch! Do send us updates as we love to see puppies on the blog!.



Thanks to Mary Godden for this super photo!

17 February 2013

Billy Is Baby Sitting!


I’ve got Gipcyan Jacob for a few weeks while Hannah is away. Billy
Thank you Billy hope he gets on with Issacc, I know it can be difficult having two male dogs living together especially when they are not regular house mates.

Charity Stakes

Cheltenham Show
Fantastic news Yuva has just won the  Terrier Charity Stakes and goes through to the final

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Yuva Group 2 Cheltenham & District

Cheltenham Show

Only 4 bedlingtons today
Best of Breed Nicki with Yuva
Reserve BOB & BP Nicki with Chino

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Best In Show Line Up At Maidenhead

Joan & Ziggy in the BIS line-up

Thank you to Viv for the photo of Joan and Ziggy in the BIS line-up!

News: Dog Charity Alarmed At Lack Of Knowledge About Pet Travel Scheme


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16 February 2013

Best In Show At Deane And District Canine Society

Just heard from Paul Richardson who advises that Janmark Jeremiah JW Shcm, went Terrier Group 1 & went on to take top honours, BEST IN SHOW at Deane and District
Canine Society.  Well done! regards, Mark

Well done Paul fantastic news many congratulations!!!!!!

Belle The Bedlington Lost In Burnley


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Thank you to Jane Williams for the link.

Harrisclub Mr Moonray Win The Terrier Group


A great day for the bedlington!

Results From Today At Maidenhead


1 and BOB Harrisclub Mr Moonray  owned by Joan Hamilton handled by Viv
2 and Res. BOB Jetsway Asolut Bling
3 Ratzwell Dolly Mixture
4 Harrisclub Silver Charmer
5 Ratzwell Independence

Thank you to Stuart for the results, congratulations to Joan and Viv!

News From Florida “Billy Bob’s Babies”


Here we have two boys, they are 4 1/2 weeks old. And, are very cute, but very rambunctious already. But Mum, Molly seems to cope with them with perfect parental patience. God bless her. Billy Bob just struts around, being a proud Daddy about his sneaky litter behind my back. Mary Lou & The Marikov/Gipcyan Gang
Thank you Mary Lou what lovely strong looking boys! I bet they keep you on your toes. For those who are new to the blog Billy Bob is an English bred bedlington who went to live in sunny Florida. Outcrossing Amercan bred bitches to English lines has  widened the gene pool, Billy Bob and Molly have  produced some lovely puppies with quality coats.