30 April 2013

A Life of Bridie & Seamus 2

Briidie climbing onto the settee

Seamus says "That how she gets up on the settee with me."

Seamus escapes with the tennis ball

"But at least she can't catch me when I've got the tennis ball"

Thank you Sally, Bridie certainly keeps you and Seamus on your toes and paws with her antics! First the coffee table now the sofa, I wonder what will be clambering up next?

Bedlington Needing New Home


Marly 2-1/2 year old male bedlington looking for a new home. He was originally a rescue dog owner is moving in a month and no dogs allowed. He is not good with other dogs and would be better with older children although the owner has had no problems with him. He is in Doncaster South Yorkshire Near to my home so if anyone is interested I am available to help Lynne
Thanks Lynne hope he finds a forever new home soon.

Bedlington Rescue  gave me details of a family who have been on the waiting list for a while they are from Cullercoats in the North East I spoke with the chap last night and he is going  to meet Marly next Sunday so I will keep you updated

Lost: Liver Terrier Bedlington Female In East Anglia (PE7)

Thanks to Jane Williams for the info

Click HERE for Details

Father and Daughter

Father & Daughter

This is a photo of my parents boy Mac on the left & my girl Fen on the right, father & daughter photo's taken five years apart!!! Katherine

Thank you Katherine Fen has really grown up into a lovely young girl, she certainly has the same facial expression as her Dad!

I Just Wanted To Say……



Thank you on the blog to all the kind folks who sent birthday greetings to me, we arrived home yesterday (Monday) and after the first outdoor show you feel as if you have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, so to receive all those greetings it was a real pick me up. Carmel

Billybob Is A Granddad To 8 Babies!

I know the list is busy right now with shows.  But, am hoping you can find room for at least a couple of these pics.  Billy Bob's son, Marikov Whirlin' Merlin has sired 8 puppies for Ms. Tracy Peltz Wysyinsky in Baltimore, Maryland.  Here are pics of the 2 males from the litter.  !cid_X_MA1_1367253620@aol(Yes, the other 6 are ALL girls!!!!  And, 2 of the girls are liver!)  We are so excited.  I sent Merlin to live with Tracy, as she needed an outcross for her girls.  She started with Bedlingtons 20 years ago, with a bitch from my Marikov line and had linebred for the past 20 years and knew it was time for an outcross.  When she called me wanting to know where to take the line for an outcross, it was perfect timing to send her Merlin on a co-ownership.We are both VERY excited about this breeding.  Now, we are hoping to show Merlin and get his CH.I will send you updates of the babies as I get them from Tracy.


!cid_X_MA6_1367253620@aol  Mary Lou & The Marikov/Gipcyan Gang

Congratulations what a lovely litter with 6 girls! Good luck with Merlin in his forthcoming shows.
We will look forward to more puppy photo updates on the blog.






29 April 2013

WELKS Photos


CH GNEJNABAY GENEGENIE GAL AT LOWBROOK JW SHCM (MR S & MRS A YEARLEY)  wins her 25th  Challenge Certificate and goes on to win Terrier Group 2

Click HERE for photos of the exhibitors and winners.

28 April 2013

WELKS Photos On The Blog Tomorrow


Congratulations to Trevor and Jane for winning the dog CC 









Stuart and Genie win Terrier Group 2 at WELKS

Many congratulations to Stuart and Angela!!!


Best Puppy




Ivan Having Fun on the Beach

Thank you for the photo Jayne.

24 April 2013

Do You Recognise The Bedlington or Judge In This 1946 Photo?


In honour of the historic Bedlington Terrier event coming up at Morris & Essex Kennel Club Show  2015 - Here's a photo of the Best Bedlington Terrier at M&E 1946 show - Any ideas on the dog,handler, or judge? Photo Courtesy The William Secord Gallery.

Thank you to the Morris & Essex Kennel Club and the William Secord Gallery for permission to post this interesting photo to the blog. Can anyone identify the dog handler and judge?.   

From our M&E President's archives: Judge's name is Jere R. Johnson of Millbrook, NY. 1946 was a low entry as it was the first show after the war years hiatus. Only 2075 dogs compared to 3100 in 1942. There were 75 Beds at the show..a big jump from 30-50 in all previous years.

Ah, I can smell dinner hiding in the bushes!


Fraggle is a grandson of my loved and very much missed Penfold. He belongs to my good friend Tanya, and is a companion (along with a multitude of whippets and lurchers) to Tanya's boys Alfie and Thomas. Besides being a handsome lad, Fraggle can also earn his keep. Viv

Thank you Viv I always love to see photos of bedlington lurchers, they make wonderful pets besides excellent working dogs, I train a bedlington lurcher for agility and obedience. He is really focussed on his training until he sees a rabbit and then he if off, t
hey are such characters!

Introducing Bailey


Thank you to Petra for this lovely photo of Bailey. Bailey lives near Frankfurt in Germany and has started agility training.  We will look forward to  photos of Bailey training and  competing at her first shows. It would be nice to have an agility bedlington face book group, unfortunately with the blog and dog training club It is just one thing to many for me to take on.

News: Traffic light leads for Hackney's stray dogs


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News: Largest UK Dog Charity Hits Out at Dangerous Dog Proposals


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22 April 2013

Introducing Gnarklem Bedlington Terriers


I'd like to share with you our good news at being Granted our Kennel Club name along with all our first choice puppy names. Now to be known as Gnarklem Bedingtons Mark Allinson
Puppies names from left to right
Gnarklem One from the Heart (dog)
Gnarklem Good Morning Kiss (dog)
Gnarklem Blue Eyed Boy (dog)
Gnarklem Out of a Cloud (bitch)
Gnarklem Winter Romance (dog)

Thank you Mark how exciting to have your new Kennel name and lovely to see how much your bundles of mischief have grown. I bet they are keeping you on your toes.

So Much Fun!

Hello blog friends,


Sapphire and Jazz here, Well Uncle Ian had a weekend off and we had so much fun with him and our Granny, we didn't know what to do next! During the week leading up to the weekend we had some nice walks down the Canals  up to 5 miles and at  some of our haunts we played with our doggy friends. On Friday we parked up at the Ellesmere Wharf and Uncle Ian took us walking down the towpath of the canal to colemere  we walked around the mere and back to the car, walking a total of 10 miles.  Jazz and myself thought it was great we even paddled in one mere called Blakemere to cool our paws off. On Saturday Granny came with us to look around Oswestry while Jazz, Uncle Ian and Myself had a look around a classic Vehicle show at the Oswestry Railway Station. We saw a nice little folding caravan that I thought was great just big enough for the K9 Marshal Crew to have a weekend in as well as lots of fun.


The cars were nice too, after looking  around the cars we headed off to the park and hill fort. We made Uncle Ian Laugh out loud in the park the human people had built a wooden log Train. Jazz and myself couldn't help ourselves and jumped on to play train drivers and uncle Ian took a photo of us.


It was so much fun, when we got to the top of the hill fort we could see a VW Camper/ Micro Buss rally going on at the old army camp of Park Hall. On the way home we had a quick look and there was some very nice looking VW Campers. as for tomorrow I think Uncle Ian will take us on another nice walk before it starts to rain, then Jazz and I will put our paws up and watch the British Touring Car racing on ITV 4 in the afternoon.
We will send another report to the Blog again soon, so for now we are going to put our paws up with  nice chew chews
So its Sapphire and Jazz signing of for now bye bye xxx

Thank you Jazz and sapphire tell Uncle Ian to save up his pennies, I think the pop up caravan would be a great fun caravan for the K9  Marshall Crew!

BOB In Spain

67549_356754287770286_1972034147_n (1)

Janmark Jemaria  wins BOB and CAC at Cieza, near Murcia Spain

Congratulation to Mark and Jan and her owners. 

A Life of Bridie & Seamus 1

Apr 2013 029Bridie's hide & seek rules. Hide behind a bush, wait till Seamus comes into sight and pounce on him!.

Bridie has made herself at home. I think she thinks she is a cat as she climbs up onto the furniture using her claws. She is absolutely fearless & will launch herself of anything, particularly if Seamus is going past. We will have to be very careful when she is allowed out into the big wide world, as she might try to jump off the front onto the beach, or into the cold North Sea. Seamus tries to behave like an indulgent uncle, but soon joins in the mayhem.

Apr 2013 019How soon is the coffee table going to have to be cleared?

Apr 2013 038Doesn't the grass look pretty now I've decorated it with Camellia petals.

I'm with my Seamus

Thank you Sally what a lovely bedlington family, she certainly looks to have settled in and loves her big brother. Bridie looks a real little character full of fun, I love the photo of her trying to see what she can find on the table. Looking forward to lots more updates.   

21 April 2013

Photo From The BTA Show by Richard Button

flintBest Puppy in Show Jetsway Chaser

Today's Results at Sunderland & District Canine Society

Another show in the North East today, with some great results for the Bedlingtons.

Bedlington Terrier Open (4 entries, 1 absent)
1st, BOB, Puppy Grp 1 - Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved
2nd - Aireview Blue Flame
3rd - Burmington Say I Do

A.V. Puppy (4 entries)
1st - Aireview Blue Flame
2nd - Burmington Say I Do

A.V. Puppy Dog Stakes (big class)
4th - Burmington Say I Do

A.V. Puppy Bitch Stakes (bigger class)
1st - Aireview Blue Flame

Thanks Lesley

Thank you Lesley, well done to everyone .  

Reserve Best Of Breed

Sally with Tcheria Shenanigans (Enzo)

Best Puppy In Breed


Louise with Lowbrook Little China Girl at Flintstor (China)

Birmingham Gun Dog and Terrier

Well done to Yvonne and Miteymidgets Look Of Love who was awaded terrier group 4 from a big group this afternoon. Group judge Marion Reeves


Junior Class

Birmingham and District Gundog and Terrier

20 April 2013

Today At Cleveland Dog Society

Today's results from Cleveland Dog Society Open Show,Terrier Judge -  Paul Richardson, Group Judge - Mrs F Kaye 5 entries, 1 absent

1st, BP & Puppy Grp 2, Aireview Dancing Queen at Conekesheved

Post Graduate
1st, Aireview Blue Flame
2nd, De Bussey Addicted to Love at Seaofiron

1st, BOB & Grp 1, Aireview Cristal Blue ShCm

A.V. Terrier Veteran
1st, De Bussey Addicted to Love at Seaofiron

Puppy Stakes
3rd, Aireview Blue Flame

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Lesley McNally for the results

Results From The BTA

BEST IN SHOW:  Bisbee Belle Inni
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Sharnor Faithful Falcon
RESERVE BEST BITCH: Ystwythbay Rhapsody In Blue
RESERVE DOG: Ch Pengerrig iron Duke ShCm
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Jetsway Chaser
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW :  Ch Pengerig iron Duke ShCm

Congratulations to Dorothy and all the winners!

Motorhome Show

What a beautiful day.

Introducing Daisy Born Wales

Bumped in to this lovely beddy at the Motorhome show Peterborough.

BTA Open Show

Good luck to everyone entered today at Middleton Cheyne.

19 April 2013

Mary says goodbye

Hi Lesley
It is with tears in my eyes and sadness in my heart that I write to tell you that today we had to say good by to our little princess Kizzy.
She was 13 years old but we had only had her for the last 6 years of her life and they were the best 6 year of our lives having her.
The people that went to the shows at Selby will know what a character she was and how she loved meeting all the friends she had made there.
Thanks, Mary.

Summary Of Entries For Birmingham National

Birmingham National Dog Show 33 dogs making 47 entries

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18 April 2013


Hi Lesley

I thought I'd show you who is now living with us. His name is Hector and he is now 20 weeks old. The reason I thought he may interest you is that his sire's grand parents are Jack Bojangles and Rosie.His father was a dog called Valentine and his mother came from Wales but she has no papers so Hector is not KC registered and therefore will not be appearing in the show ring, I also fear a little too naughty for the ring! although he is very moved loved.

Chris Harris has just given him his second trim and he looks gorgeous. 

Kind regards


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Wanted Working Bedlington Dog.


An excellent home awaits for a young adult dog, must be KC registered, DNA tested or from DNA tested parents.  Please contact me if you can help.

News: Dog mess markers to shame Richmond pet owners


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Surrey deer attacks by dogs prompt warning_67058167_mms_20130415_0

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Kite surfer and Skegness RNLI rescue dog from sea


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