30 June 2013

Today At The Farndale Hunt Show


Well done to Biily and Issacc who won Best Of Breed

Bedlingtons shine in the stakes at Windsor

A great day in the stakes classes for our breed

The McNallys Aireview Crystal Blue was second in the open stakes.
Mark Washaw won the Open and Brace stakes.
Stuart Yearley and Genie won the Good Citizen stakes and 4th in the Open stakes
Julie Cumming 2nd in a large Puppy Bitch stakes

Congratulations to all. Pleaae email me if you know of any other stakes wins

Windsor Show Campers

Enjoying a sunny Sunday @ Holyport near Windsor show ground.

Breeders Group

Team Janmark win the Breeders Group. More photos tomorrow.

27 June 2013

Today At The Royal Norfolk Show



Lovely day today at the Royal Norfolk show - the sun came out in time for the Pimms, strawberries and cream and birthday cake!  Yvonne Bannister came back to her old hunting grounds for the day, and was rewarded with BOB and Group3 with Miteymidgets Look of Love.  It was Mary's Brenda's 7th birthday, and she celebrated with the traditional pork pie.  Unfortunately she wolfed it down before we could get a photo of her sitting beside it!  How do all you people manage to get your dogs to sit nicely when there's grub under their noses?  Must be something to do with the East Anglian air.  Anyway, lovely time had by all –  good luck to all of you going to Windsor. Viv xx

Thank you Viv, well done to Yvonne and a happy birthday to Brenda . Sounds like you had a fun day with all that party food and sunshine, raining in Oxfordshire this afternoon!

Congratulations to…….


Sharon and Norman with Muffin who produced 4 boys and 1 girl today!



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Pork Pie Tea For Ivan


Happy 1st birthday Ivan.  Can't wait for his birthday pork pie.  His best pal Lydia is waiting patiently as well. Jayne
Thank you Jayne looks like Esther doesn't want to miss out either!

26 June 2013


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Good morning, Bloggers.
Is there anyone out there coming to the Fun Day who can wax Stuart's legs? He is hoping to get them waxed to raise money for Rescue. Enid

A Very Happy 1st Birthday To Our Babies


Lots of love from Parker and Asha!

25 June 2013

A Tribute To Kitch (UK/Bel/Ned/Int Champion Dalip Lord of the Rings)

 It is with great sadness I have to report the loss of the wonderful , UK/Bel/Ned/Int Champion Dalip Lord of the Rings just short of his 17th birthday. Kitch was owned jointly by sisters Pat Hall & Pam Morton, though shown by Pam he lived and was very much loved by Pat and husband Brian. He took his first CC '97  and went onto amass an incredible 32 CCs, 3 Group 1s, 1 Group 2 and 2 Group 3 Group 4 in Belgium. This made him the second top winning Bedlington in history, a marvellous achievement. 

To add to this Kitch was a very much loved pet and companion with a unique character. Not only enjoying his travel to shows over the water but his holidays with Pat and Brian once retired from the ring. Never widely used at stud Trevor and I feel more than privileged that he was the sire to our first bedlington litter.

He will be very much missed and we extend our sympathy to Pat, Brian and Pam.

Trevor & Jane.

There will be a tribute in Dog World this week.

Thank you Trevor and Jane, sorry to read this sad news but he will  be remembered by everyone who knew him here and overseas, a fantastic dog whose achievements will go down in bedlington history.

Miss Cotton Celebrates Her 2nd Birthday



Here is a recent picture of Cotton. She was 2 on the 8th of June! She's still got her lovely deeper blue colour but has developed cute patches of lighter colour and at the moment has a pale stripe all down her back. For her birthday, of course she had the traditional pork pie, which was mixed in with different dog food samples and dog biscuits - she licked the bowl clean! We are still going along to our Rally Obedience class and she's really getting there now. It's great to have that one to one time together and it really pays off for her general obedience at home and on walks. We may even enter a competition soon if I get brave enough. Emma & Cotton

Thank you Emma a very happy birthday to Cotton.  it is great to read Cotton is training in Rally Obedience, I am sure it won’t be long before she starts competing. I love to hear of bedlingtons taking part in performance sports, do keep us updated 

From Blackpool To Derbyshire

The Makems had a show weekend starting off at Blackpool and ending up at Derbyshire.111

So after the judging had finished at Blackpool we trotted off to the beach, just look at that blue sky and Peter if you see this another deserted beach. At least when the tide is out, you can't see the sea when it's all the way out.  Thought Eileen might go on the Big Dipper but she declined the offer. 2

Now moved on to Derbyshire County Show, not the sun of Blackpool  but once again a wet one.  Here we have Sundance and Cassidy a couple of Bedlingtons from Huddersfield on a day out to the show, was expecting to see more but probably put off by the weather. 


Because of the weather the judging was inside the tent which was to say a bit crowded.  Here we have Junior Dog or Bitch Class winner Miteymidgets Look Of Love. 


Post Graduate Dog or Bitch Class winner Nedercrackers Rosie Blue


Open Dog or Bitch Class, winner Ch Janmark Misty Horizons JW Sh.CM and 2nd Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh.CM. 


BOB Ch Janmark Misty Horizons JW Sh.CM 


A nice display of veg in the flower and vegetable competition tent.  All was sold off at the end of the show. Eileen would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Bedlington folk for turning up at the show and for allowing her to judge their dogs.The Makems

Thank you Derek , lucky you blue sky in Blackpool, you don’t get many of those in a month!  Shame about the Derbyshire weather but I am sure Eileen enjoyed her judging appointment. Lovely to meet Sundance and Cassidy!

24 June 2013

Arthur & Erins Birthday too!!!


Happy Birthday to Viv today, it is also Arthur and Erin's second Birthday. I think Erin is hoping for a larger pork pie this year, either that or she can pinch Arthur’s while his backs turned lol. Congratulations to Lou & Matt on the birth of little James, I presume the sideburns come later! Seriously we look forward to meeting him. Best wishes Jane  

Ah the terrible twos, doesn’t time fly it only  seems like yesterday when they were entering their first shows!  Definitely the pork pies are to small one bite and they would be gone! Saying this hope they are being thoroughly spoilt and enjoying their special day.

Not Long Now Until…….

fun day

News: Beagle, Basset, Boxer mix wins World's Ugliest Dog Contest


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A Very Happy Birthday Today To…



Viv. have a fun day at the show on Thursday,  the weather forecast looks to be good all week, perfect for a celebratory picnic!

23 June 2013

Results From Derby

BOB Ch Janmark Misty Horizons JW Sh. CM

Reserve BOB Nebercrackers Rosie Blue

      1st Miteymidgets Look Of Love
t Graduate 
Nebercrackers Rosie Blue

Open 1st Ch Janmark Misty Horizons JW Sh. CM           
2nd Ch Janmark Blue Encounter JW Sh. CM
rd Miteymidgets Look of Love 
Tcheria Shenanigans
          VHC Tu
nman Topsy Turvy

Regards Carol & Paul.

Thank you Carol and Paul for the results, well done to you and Jan.

New Baby

I've just looked at face book and Louise and Matthew Crump had a baby boy on Tuesday 18th. He's called James - another junior handler for the MBTC! Enid
Thank you Enid congratulations to Louise and Mathew on their new arrival

Winning Dogs From Today Derby


Best Of Breed


Reserve Best Of Breed

Well done to the winners, thank you to Gavin for the photos but I don’t have any results.

22 June 2013

Today At Clacton & District.

Another lovely day for the Usual Suspects today, at Clacton & District.  Mary won a first BOB and Gp2 with Mavis (Vakurblue Bacon Buttie)  and Viv and Joan's Flint (Jetsway Chaser) was BP and PG1.  Looking forward to the Royal Norfolk Show on Thursday, showing and partying (assorted birthdays to celebrate!) Viv

Mary and Mavis  Clacton 22.6.13Mary and Mavis

ssssViv and Flint

Congratulations Mary & Viv great to read both bedlingtons doing so well in the group.

News Controversy over chocolate 'dog poo' poster



21 June 2013

Happy Birthday To Ronnie


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Wishing my little sweetheart Ronnie a happy happy happy 2nd Birthday today! Here she is about to tuck into her pork pie with little brother Sparky (now almost as big as she is!) As you can see they have become great playmates since Sparky came to.us 8 weeks ago though she does still remind hin who wears the trousers from time to time... Happy birthday to Esther, Odie, Poppy and Ronnie's other brothers and sisters too X

A very happy birthday to Ronnie, it only seems like yesterday when we saw this litter as tiny babies! Ronnie certainly has her eye on that pork pie. A happy birthday to all  the pups from this litter.

Results From Blackpool








Click HERE for the full results

Well done to all  the winners,
Especially Jayne with Lydia who was short listed in the puppy Group and Mark who was 3rd in the Champion Stakes

Hello from Sunny Scotland!


Today is Odie's second birthday.

Today is Odie's second birthdaytthe attached picture is our eldest daughter Sarah with Odie (our Liver)  and Lucy (our Blue) Bedlingtons, taken in our local fields.
We would like to wish Odie’s litter mates, mum and dad  a happy birthday wherever they may be!
Thank you to Debbie for the photo and a very happy second birthday to Odie and his brothers and sisters. I  expect  they all  will be opening  new toys and looking forward to  a special tea this evening!

Out And About With The Girls



Thank you to Richard Mills with photos of Teddy and Bella  on posing on the stump of a sawn off oak tree. Lovely photos of  two working bedlingtons

19 June 2013

Dairy Date: North Somerset, Evening Talk


Catherine O' Driscoll founder of Canine Health Concern will be talking about vaccinations and raw feeding for our dogs, in Cleeve Village Hall,BS49 4PH. Starting at 7pm. on Friday 9th August 2013. Tickets price £6
I attended one of these talks a few years ago, it certainly makes you think about yearly booster vaccinations, Catherine  also gives excellent  advice on  raw feeding.

Meet Our New Bedlington Dog Milo


Hello Everyone ... Have been a fan of the site for over a year now since buying our two liver Bedlington Girls Holly & Rosie from pups. I've finally plucked up the courage to post some pics of our much loved girls and also we have very recently rehomed a Beautiful Blue Bedlington Dog Milo who is just so amazing that I would love to share some pics of him with you all. The lady we got him from had very suddenly and unexpectantly lost her husband suddenly to a heart attack at only 53 years old and she was unable to cope with Milo whilst dealing with her grief. He was very much in need of some TLC so we spent a whole day of pampering and just look at how well he has scrubbed up!. I just had to take these pics of him posing for the camera. I am still learning with my grooming techniques but with practice i think i am getting there.  He has settled very well considering what has happened to him and is getting along fantastically with the girls although its taking a bit for them to get used to the fact they now have a male who seems to be naturally taking charge. I am hoping to get a lovely picture of all the 3 of them together which i will post on the blog soon .
Much Love  Helen

bikes please 27-02-2010 14-27-038IMG_0031-001

Thank you Helen and welcome to our blog. Milo looks fantastic and what a lucky boy to have found a forever home with two gorgeous girls. I am sure Holly and Rosie will soon get used to having a man about the house. Do send us news and updates, we love   updates especially from those who give a forever home to an unwanted bedlington. 

18 June 2013

Rescued From A Shelter In Spain


These  two lovely bedlingtons were not wanted and found themselves in a shelter in Spain. Thanks to a dedicated team of people they were eventually taken to Holland. Emmie and Baps now how a wonderful forever home with Caroline Dalman. They certainly have smiley happy faces in this photo!.

Puppies Enjoying The Morning Sun


Couple of snaps of pups relaxing in the sun this morning Still one male available & ready to go if anyone asking. regards, Mark

If you would like more info about his litter please email me and I will pass on contact details.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To…….


Mathew! What a fantastic cake really special, it would break my heart to cut it! Hope you are having a great time on what is a very special birthday.



Photo by Peter Arris