31 October 2013

Happy Halloween


Hello and Woof, Woof, Woof,

Sapphire and Jazz) would like to wish all of our Blog friends a Happy Halloween
From the K9 Marshal Crew

30 October 2013

Lesley Relaxing With Asha

Bedlington Terrier Health Group Auction Closes Tomorrow At 8pm



Don't forget the Bedlington Terrier Auction to raise funds for the Bedlington Terrier Health Group! Just go to the Bedlington Terrier Auction group page and we will add you to the group. Over 100 wonderful items available, nearly everything can be posted overseas, so there is something for everyone!! The auction runs until Thursday night at 8.00pm.!! Louise


Nice Adventures


Hello and Woof, woof, woof Sapphire and Jazz here. We hope everyone is safe and sound after the heavy rain and strong winds that passed through Sunday night. Well, what nice walks Uncle Ian has taken us on over the last couple of weeks. The first one was the loop around Shrewsbury, along the riverside of the River Severn which also takes in the Quarry Park where Jazz and I could have a good run and cause lots of chaos (ha ha )!  We even met up with lots of new friends who came to have a run with us. After  our walk it was time to pick up  Grandma  and head off home for our teas. Last Friday Uncle Ian took us for another long walk down the canal but this time we took in the views from the top of the Aqueduct. Jazz and I were not afraid of the 127 feet down to the River Dee below, we also went to a country park at Cafn Mowr it was nice seeing all the animals, Jazz and I were ever so good we didn't even bark at any of them!  With Uncle Ian being off this weekend we are wondering where we are going to next? So for now we will leave you with some photos that uncle took of us while we were out and about. So for now woof, woof, woof and stay safe everyone. From Sapphire and Jazz The K9 Marshal Crew



Thank you Sapphire and Jazz looking forward to hearing about your adventures this weekend!

29 October 2013

Bedlington? Rescued From The Meat Trade In Thailand



I am desperate to re home this baby, she was taken off the dog meat trade lorry, squashed in with hundreds she almost died, she is fine now, but wants a home. please advertise her on the blog, and ask them to contact me, she is in Thailand but is healthy and fine, she has passport and jabs, and she is so lovely.Thanks Pat

Hope there is someone in bedlington land who can give this lovely girl a home. She is now well and being fostered in Thailand but needs a forever home. If you can help please email Pat

Dovercourt Storm Report


After the storm 1

The storm was fierce but short here. Only 2 hours after watching a neighbour's fence blow over, we were able to take Seamus & Bridie on the beach with lovely sunshine and only a slight wind Sally

After the storm 2

Thank you Sally it is amazing all the damage that was created in such a short time!  Lovely to see the blue sky and the dogs on the beach.

Midland Counties Championship Show

Judges Critique


Click HERE

28 October 2013

The Three Bedlingtoins Have New Homes

GREAT NEWS!!!!! The 3 bedlingtons which were tied to the tree have all found new forever homes!

Thanks to Louise for the info


Sadly we have discovered that this is not true. Frances rang them this morning to be told that they had all found new homes. However, there are still 2 needing homes. The kennels don't like dealing with breed rescue, which is why they didn't tell Frances the true situation Louise

Stay Safe


27 October 2013

Today at Chester-le-Street & District Open Show

Summer & Wilma Chester le St 2013


Judge: Alan Norcross

Only our 2 Bedlington's entered, Summer & Holly.

Summer (Aireview Cristal Blue) won RBIS.

Also Mr Walshaw was entered in AV N.S.C Terrier Puppy with

his Manchester Terrier,Wilma (Digelsa Diva AVEC Janmark) and

won BPIS.

Good day had by all and as always supported by Derek & Eileen (The Makems)

Thanks  Lesley & John McNally

Well done, what a great result congratulations to you and Mark!

Bedlington Auction Begins Tonight

Bidding Instructions:- The Auction will start at 5pm October 27th. GMT
To place a bid click on the PHOTO TAB in between the Events and Files tab (as in the pic) Click on the photo you wish to bid on the add your bid in UK Stirling in the comments underneath the pic. Happy Bidding
Don’t miss that Christmas present remember auction commences 5pm

25 October 2013

Rosie’s 2nd Birthday



Rosie had the compulsory pork pie for tea to celebrate her 2nd birthday today, and sends many happy returns to sister Heidi too. Regards Carol & Paul.

A very happy birthday to Rosie that certainly is one fancy pork pie! Hope she blew out the candle before tucking in!! 

Today At Midland Counties


For Best Of Breed


Click HERE for class results

Congratulations to all the winners, also well done to Enid with Ecco who was 3rd in the veteran stakes and team Miteymidgets who were 3rd in the breeders group. Also well done to Carol with Rosie who was 4th in the Good Citizen Stakes

24 October 2013

2 Bedlingtons On Foster

I was in my local RSPCA charity shop today and noticed on the door a poster to re-home 2 Bedlington Terriers. They are 1 & 7 years of age and are at RSPCA Danahar near Braintree Essex. Perhaps you could alert Bedlington Rescue if they know of anyone looking for a dog  Many thanks


I am sad to read that these two needy dogs have not yet found a permanent home.

Countdown To Auction On Sunday!

marissa pic

We know have over 100 items donated for the Bedlington Health Group auction on Facebook.  Here is just one of the new artwork items that has been donated over the last 24 hours. We have lots of original art items, including the superb pastel picture by Viv Rainsbury, and the Reiku sculpture by Brian Andrew.

23 October 2013

Who Is The man in the green shirt?


Volkswagen Range ad : Behind the scene

Thanks to Ian for the link

Day trip to Wells next the sea




We decided to have a trip to the beach at Norfolk on Saturday, the weather was kind and the girls loved running on the sand. They also had a splash about in all the puddles.
Did everyone see the Bedlington in the VW advert during Downton Abbey Sunday evening ? It was in the last group of adverts and right at the end, a Bedlington sitting beside a new VW car! Quite a surprise.
Best Wishes Rod Chris Lucy & Alys

Thank you Rod and Chris more beddies enjoy romps on the beach, they look to be having a great time! We saw the VW advert last night, unfortunately we have not been able to identify the very smart looking bedlington!

Lucky Ted!

Ted is still enjoying his daily visits to a beach in Greece, even October the weather is sunny and warm, Ted has been in Greece for over two months and soon returns home. He will  miss his daily splashes in the warm surf!iiiiii

22 October 2013

More Photos From Lowestoft

Lowestoft Flint in the Terrier Group

Viv and Flint in the Group.Lowestoft  Bonnie Open

Viv and Bonny in the OpenLowestoft Sean and Seamus Winner Post Grad

Sean with Seamus winner for Post Gradssssssss

Seamus saying, “what’s next Dad”?



Sally and Bridie Best Puppy

Thank you to Sally and Sean O'Hara for the photos.

Auction For The Bedlington Terrier Health Group



An online, Facebook auction is being held to raise much needed funds for the Bedlington Terrier Health Group, which is composed of members from the 3 bedlington breed societies; National Bedlington Terrier Club, Bedlington Terrier Association and Midland Bedlington Terrier Club. The Group has recently funded tests, including a liver biopsy, at Chestergates Veterinary Hospital, for a very sick pet bedlington.

The auction begins on October 27th at 5.00pm and continues until October 31st at 8.00pm. To see the items on offer you do need to be registered with Facebook, or have a friend who is. Just search for Bedlington Terrier Auction, and request to be added to the Group. You will then be able to view everything that will be going into the auction, and donate your own item if you wish. Bidding is simple, you just post your bid under the relevant photo, and then watch to see if you have won your item. You can bid as many times as you like during the auction.

We currently have over 80 items, including a beautiful original artwork from the breed’s own renowned artist Viv Rainsbury; a unique Reiku bedlington sculpture from well known Devon sculptor and bedlington owner Brian Andrew; grooming sessions with some of the best groomers from the show ring today, an agility lesson with agility and obedience trainer Lesley Caines; and lots more. We have books including ‘The Bedlington Terrier’ by Ken Bounden and ‘An Eye for a Second Century’ by the late Ian Phillips, plus many other items. There is something for everyone, even if you don’t own a bedlington.

If you don’t want to take part in the auction but would like to make a donation to the fundraiser, a special Paypal account has been opened to take all monies. The address of the account is: bedlingtonauction@gmail.com.

At the end of the auction you will be able to see the winning bid for each item, and the total raised will be published on Facebook. We will also be asking all 3 of the societies to publish the final details of the auction, and most importantly, the amount of money raised.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has already donated items for this auction – we still need many more items to add to the list!!

Thank you everybody, for your support.

Burmington Bedlingtons and Pumi!




New Experiences



Thought that you might like to see what Bieke and Bonnie have been up to recently. We went to Argyll for a week last month and they both had loads of fun on all the forest walks, there were so many new smells that they didn't know where to go next.  The photo was taken on a walk from Crinan south along the coastal path to Carsaig, where we were staying.  It was so difficult to get them both on a photo that I had to bribe them to sit still! Shortly after we came home three ex-battery hens arrived. The photo was taken on the day the hens arrived and they really didn't know what to
make of them.  They are getting used to them slowly but we have not yet let the hens out of the run into the veg garden.  That could be interesting!  Scrambled eggs were a treat for tea today.Best wishes
Ruth and Howard


I bet the dogs had a great time exploring the woods in Argyll, sounds like you found some fantastic woodland walks. Lovely to have room for your own hens, you will find  In time the dogs will totally ignore the chickens. How exciting collecting your first fresh new laid eggs!

21 October 2013

Our Glass Coasters


Nikki's friend is doing a glass making class and made these for us.
Cheers Alan
Thank you Alan these are unusual don’t think I have seen bedlington glass coaters before. How nice to have talented friends

Archie and Dylan Our For An Early Morning Walk



Archie and Dylan back out and about walking on the moors and around the reservoirs of Weardale and Teesdale, here we are at Tunstall reservoir on a warm but foggy morning.The boys enjoying a run about in the woods near by,plenty of fisherman outyou can just make out a small boat in the distance. Deborah and Paul



Thank you Deborah, Lovely photos in the mist!   You are very lucky living in such glorious countryside with the reservoirs on your doorstep.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To Trevor.


Not a day to be outside Trevor!!!  Hope you get home from work not to soaked and enjoy a special birthday evening.

Dog Attacks


Towards the end of September, the blog told of an awful dog attack on Dylan the Bedlington, and I said I'd e-mailed my MP about this problem.  Well, Glory be! I've had a reply, which enclosed a letter from Lord de Mauley, Parliamentary Under Secretary for DEFRA.  In it, he says that, under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, a dog is considered "dangerously out of control" if a person has "reasonable apprehension that it will injure someone, whether or not it actually does so".  So if a dog is being attacked, and the owner fears he/she also may be attacked, the DDA can be called into force.  Additionally, says Lord de Mauley, the Animal Welfare Act 2006 makes it an offence to "cause unnecessary suffering to an animal" which may well apply when a dog attacks another animal. We must make sure all this is thrown at the police, when they seem to be gazing the other way.
It seems that a Bill to amend the DDA is expected to receive Royal Assent next April, to tackle irresponsible dog ownership, which will include a provision for Local Authorities and the police to issue Community Protection Notices on owners, or anyone temporarily in charge of a dog, for offences including allowing a dog to attack another dog.

Very good news, I'm sure everyone will agree, and it can't happen soon enough.

There is also a consultation in progress, considering the maximum sentence for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control. There is an online survey, to gather public opinion, at:


Please do have a look.Also, how is Dylan getting on? Hope he's continuing to make a good recovery. Viv
Thank you Viv, it is terrible to read about dog attacks whether on other dogs or people!! The sad thing is that the owners are mostly to blame for not researching the breed  before buying a pup and then keeping it in the wrong environment. Many dogs are not given time and training to be properly socialised. I have even been reading about so called tiny hand bag dogs having to be rehomed due to bad behaviour. These dogs may be fashion statements and owners had little or no idea on responsible dog ownership.


Volkswagon ad.

I am sure we are all disappointed when we see TV ads featuring dogs of many breeds and they never seem to include a Beddie.However, last night - I think it was on ITV 1 -  there was a Volkswagon ad.that featured various cars being driven along the road with different dogs looking out of the passenger window in each shot.The final shot was of a dog sitting looking longingly into the open door/boot of a parked car - just like Amber does when anyone opens their car door near her she thinks she should get in and go for a ride! The shot was very brief but i think it was a Beddie!!!! If it was a Beddie, it would be great to know whose  dog it was and the story  behind it.I thought that maybe someone out there in Bedlington Blog Land might know????
Nigel & Amber
Thank you Nigel hopefully we find out about our mystery bedlington!1372933_656172604425282_1325608311_n

This is a still of the beddie in response to the vw advert query on your blog - yes it's a beddie but I don't have any more info than that Sally

Thanks Sally someone must recognise this very well groomed film bedlington.

20 October 2013

A very Happy Birthday Today To Jen Lacey


Lots of love to you from everyone on the blog! Hope you are enjoying your special day.

Flint Reserve Best In Show At Lowestoft


Flint's just got home after a lovely day at Lowestoft Open Show, where he won BOB under Trudie Hewitt-Taylor, Terrier Group under Ralph Garbutt and RBIS under Jane Eyeington.  We've got five cups and a clutch of rosettes, so now saving up for silver polish.  Sean and Sally O'Hara won the Post Grad class with Seamus, Flint won Limit and my Bonnie won the Open class.  Seamus was RBOB and Sean and Sally's Bridie was BP and PG3.  Seamus won Special Beginners Terrier and Mary Godden's Makems girl (can't remember if that one is Brenda or Bridget) was Best Terrier Veteran.  All in all, a good day for the breed.  Sally took lots of photos, so will try and put some up on the blog later.Viv

Fantastic news! Many congratulations to Viv and well done to al the bedlingtons. A very good result for the breed. 

Steiff Meets Morag



On our way home we stopped off to meet Billy,Sue and their lovely lurcher puppy Morag.

Look What we Bumped into!!!


On our way to pick up our puppy we bumped 2 lovely bedlingtons in Ashington. Here we have Cassie and Scruffy!

17 October 2013

Sapphire And Jazz Reporting


Sapphire and Jazz here. Well it’s been a funny sort of week or two, firstly we both went off with Granny and Uncle Ian to Chirk Car Boot Sale. We kept looking for new toys but we didn't see any that took our fancy. Granny then dropped us off with Uncle Ian on the tow path of the canal to walk home. Don't tell Granny but there was two pubs on route, so we stopped there for refreshments and some of those nice Itchy things you humans call them pork scratchings!  We thought that they were quite nice with a pint of water (ha ha )! Once we got going again Jazz and myself had plenty of new sniffs to sniff at. We didn't see any new doggie friends walking along the tow path but we did see a lot of dogs on the narrow boats on holiday with their human owners.


We even saw another Bedlie person going in the other direction so we said an advertisement to them about the blog and the fun day!!  Then on Uncle Ian's day off last week we had another12 mile walk down the canal but this time we walked from Northwood all the way back home. We saw this gentleman who said good morning to us and he bent down to give Jazz and myself some fuss and asked Uncle Ian what breed of dogs we were. While they were talking it turned out (yet again Uncle Ian knew him from along time ago) Jazz and I think he knows to many people ha ha.  When he had finished fussing us and stopped chin wagging and said his goodbyes, Uncle Ian told us he used  to be in a musical band or two and he did have a Xmas Number one back in the 70's called "I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday and Uncle Ian called him Mr.Wizard (Roy Wood)!!! He was just on his way home from the pub, or out like us on a nice walk.
We also  went around Ellesmere town and had lots of fuss again from our human friends. so by the time we got home we were both tired from all the fuss we was getting. The rest of the day we ran about the garden playing with our toys and playing with Granny and Uncle Ian.Then yesterday we got invited to our doggie friend called Alfie Moon’s Birthday party were we had even more fun and games.


We cannot wait for this weekend its Uncle Ian's weekend off and he did promise to take us out for some nice walks. So for now Woof, Woof, Woof till next time . Lots of Love and Licks from Sapphire and Jazz the Blog Reporting Bedlington Terriers

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire how lucky  to bump into Roy Wood!  I can remember the record all those years ago! Have a lovely  weekend with Ian.