31 December 2013

Harry Stars In The Office Party

photo 3photo 2

“This is Harry of Cleadon Hills with his Dad in the office alternative nativity play – don’t ask about the polar bear!  Harry was a sheep doggy thing come to see the baby

We have 8 year old Harry - we got him from Derek and Eileen and we love him very much, he has brought lots of love and pleasure to our family
Alan Cormack

Thank you Alan I would love to have seen the office play I am not sure where the polar bear comes into a scene from the middle east, still Harry looks very much the part as a sheep!!

Diary Date Swindon & District Canine Society Open Show

Satuerday March 1st 
Bedlington Classes Judge: Joan Hamilton
BIS Judge: Viv Rainsbury

Schedules can be downloaded from ejcprint.co.uk  or from Judy Thompson  jestsway1@tesco.net

Entries Close Jan 22nd


Dancer Up For Adoption With The Dog Trust Evesham


Dancer ( 6-12 months) is looking for a family who can help her gain in confidence and start her basic training. She would benifit from living with another dog who likes to play and can help to introduce her to home life.

Click  HERE

30 December 2013

AKC/Eukanuba Meet the Breeds week In Florida USA

Here are some of the pictures from our Meet The Breeds booth and some shots of some of our Bedlington exhibitors at the week of shows.  A great time seemed to be happening for everyone.  Was hard to get pics, as the booth was swamped with people constantly both days.  As you all know, Bedlingtons are their own best diplomats!!!!!  People love touching and loving on them, and they love the attention.





Ah,some famous UK bred bedlingtons on these posters 



Here is a picture of the engraved mugs that we sold at the Meet the Breeds booth, to benefit the AKC's Pet Disaster Relief Trailers
The AKC is purchasing travel trailers and equipping them with everything needed to rescue, house and care for pets in times of disaster around our country. This is a very worthy cause, as we do have many types of disasters here. (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Forest Fires, Blizzards, Floods, Etc.)  In the past, our individual clubs around the country have tried to help rescue and reunite pets with their owners in these disasters.  Many of our clubs do not have the resources to do a really good job at this.  AKC is taking this a step up, by having these trailers built and equipped for different areas of our country.  This is all being done by donation from caring dog people.  The BTCA is aiming at a donation of at least $2500.  This will give us the privilege of having our club logo on each side of one of the trailers.
I sold many of these during the AKC/Eunanuba week of shows, from the Meet the Breeds booth. I do have more of the mugs and thought that maybe some of our Bedlington folks in the UK might enjoy having one and donating to a most worthy cause.


Anyone who would like to purchase one of these lovely mugs can contact me directly at: mstumpff@aol.com.  I will be very happy to sent them off.  The price is $25.00 + Postage.  I will be checking the postage rate in the next couple of days.  I even have a PayPal account, if that makes it easier for folks. Thank you.  I am sure you will all be thrilled with your mugs.  They are a full pint, heavy glass and are something you can use rather than sit on a shelf to collect dust!!!!! Mary Lou

Thank you Mary Lou a very worthwhile cause, the weather has caused many disasters in the USA and world wide, lovely to think that AKC is helping injured and displaced dogs in this positive scheme.

Archie and Dylan walk off their turkey dinners!



A break in the weather which enabled us to get out for a good walk with the boys,so we could all walk some of that turkey off that we've all been eating over the last couple of days.

Thank you Deborah, although sunny it looks very cold, I bet the dogs kept warm running off their Christmas dinners.

Good luck Today


To Yvonne and Velo who won the terrier group yesterday and go forward to the BIS line up later today!

29 December 2013

Christmas Walks


We hope everyone had a good Christmas, lots of nice treats and presents. We had new dogs beds, because Rosie loves digging and has worn holes in the old ones. Very nice  for  snuggling up in front of the fire after a good walk. We’re keeping our fitness up ready for next week at Seaton Carew beach.As in previous years we have been exploring railway paths over the holiday period (less muddy).111
We go to the open air museum at Beamish quite a bit, and never usually get time to explore the local area. We had a good walk there on Boxing day through Hellhole wood (we assume something to do with the mining heritage?) and then Carrickshill wood, before returning along part of the Consett and Sunderland Railway path. We always find interesting things on this route, which we were not expecting; sculptures made from old machinery.


We liked these cows, which were near the Beamish car park.Today we had a nice walk along  the Deerness Valley Path between Ushaw Moor and Esh Winning, 2 former mining communities. The railways must have been closed for a longer time than the Consett and Sunderland railway from the age of the woodland. It was a lovely walk past some really gnarled old trees
We hope you all have a lovely new year and look forward to seeing everyone at the beach next week 
Love from Sarah and Tony with Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper

You certainly have a lot of lovely walks in you area, the machinery sculptures look like something from a Dr Who story!  Kepping everything crossed the weather is dry and sunny for the beach walk at Seaton Carew, don’t forget your camera.

Today At Luton

Congratulations to Yvonne who won BOB and Peter RBIB and BP.

Congratulations to Yvonne and Velo for winning the group and Peter for his puppy group 3

28 December 2013

Today at Ashbourne Show

BOB and terrier group 1 Yvonne with Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love
BP and puppy group 2  Peter  Kiernan, Sharnor High I'm Viktor at Kierlander

Well done to Mark Walshaw  who won the puppy group with his Manchester Terrier “Wilma”

We Had A Merry Christmas





Merry Christmas to all on the blog from Bella and the gang, we have loved looking at all the photos of our beddie friends from across the water! Archie and Dylan had stockings like us! What fun!! Heidi looks really smart in her new collar, some friends bought us Santa hats... What do you think?
Merry Christmas to all

Kristy and the gang!!

Thank you Kirsty there were some very lucky blog bedlingtons having a visit from Santa Paws! We love to see the Bedlingtons in their festive costumes, unfortunately poor Ralph did not like his elf costume!!   

27 December 2013

Lost Bedlington Boxing Day Lytham St Annes


Sweep is missing click HERE  for details

The Bedlington Grinch


Ralph  was not impressed with his outfit! Alan

Thank you Alan what a sour face, did Agnes have an elf costume ?

A Very Happy Birthday To The Top Bedlington Photographer



Have  a wonderful day Derek, your photos have delighted everyone here on the blog and overseas. Looking forward to seeing the photos from the beach walk on 5th January at Seaton Carew. A very Happy birthday from everyone on the blog.

26 December 2013

Santa Visits Archie And Dylan


Santa's been yipee lots of new dog toys.


We will play with them all day.

Thank you Deborah wow, look at all those toys, they must have been very good beddies

A New Collar For Heidi


Hi there
This is Andy and Heidi the Bedlington from Heckmondwike, near Leeds we met you in the summer at the Bedlington Fun Day in Warwickshire.  Anyway I found your blog and thought you might want a pic or two of Heidi for your site
Here she is after Santa Paws had been with her stocking and wearing her new fancy collar for Christmas
Merry Christmas Andy

Thank you Andy Heidi looks to be very proud of her new collar. I bet she found lots of goodies in that stocking!



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25 December 2013

24 December 2013

Happy Christmas

IMG_19 Dec 2013_1

We wish all our bedlington friends a happy and relaxing Christmas and New Year. From Ed, Ossie, Rosie and Jasper, with Sarah and Tony. As in previous years, we will be sending a donation to Bedlington Rescue and rehoming in lieu of Christmas cards.  Many thanks Sarah

Merry Christmas from Seamus & Bridie


We've managed to meet up with other Bedlington at the fun day and 3 shows this year. We thought you might like to see the lovely prizes we won. Sally & Sean would like to thank all the experts who helped and encouraged them along the way. If there are any other people whose dogs are purely pets, have a go. It is good fun especially as all the Bedlington folk are so friendly. Merry Christmas, Seamus & Bridie

Merry Christmas to you all from Archie and Dylan


Debbie and Paul

23 December 2013

Yesterday At Colchester

Here are the results for Colchester & District Canine Society Open Show yesterday
Judge Donna Walters

1st  Jetsway Chardonnay
2nd Jetsway Chase
3rd  Burmington Reet Petite
Res Bridie Blue Moon

1st  Vakurblue Bacon Buttie
2nd Doehey Ace Of Hearts
3rd Burmington Truly Blue
Res Vakurblue Eggie Bread

1st Seaofiron Where Angels Play

BOB Jetsway Chardonnay
RBOB Vakurblue Bacon Buttie

BP Bridie Blue Moon

Karen and Richard Button won BOB with Mandy (Jetsway Chardonnay), with Mary Godden's Mavis getting RBOB. BPIB was Sean and Sally O'Hara's Bridie.  Our judge for the breed was Donna Walters (Tunman) and the Group Judge was Ken Bartlett.  Terrier Group was pretty hot, and disappointingly Mandy didn't get a place.  Not so many in the Puppy Group, and Bridie got Gp3.

A lovely day to start the Christmas celebrations in style - lots of mince pies and sausage rolls - and a good journey both ways.

Happy Christmas one and all - may all your wishes for 2014 come true! Viv Rainsbury


Bridie in the group


Mandy in the  group

Congratulations to Karen with Mandy,  Sean and sally with Bridie, in the very last show before Christmas!

Tired Out!!


Hello and Seasonal Greeting Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here. What a busy time, with nice adventures and walks with our Uncle Ian. Last weekend was his weekend off, so he said that we will go on some special walks and WOW did we have fun. On Friday we went to Llangollen were we saw the steam trains at the station taking people off to see Santa. We also saw Thomas the tank engine!   After we went for a look around the shops, Jazz and I were fussed all the way. On Saturday we all got up early and we went with Uncle Ian to the midlands to see some of the family but Jazz and I were not expecting what came on the way home. Uncle Ian stopped off in Telford and told Jazz and myself to get our Four Paw Drive ready, we needed it as we went up this very big hill called The Wrekin and to say Jazz and I enjoyed it was an understatement. We thought we were rallying again, we were paw spinning everywhere. When we got to the top we could almost see our house 34 miles away. Jazz did say that he could see the pub from up there (ha ha ha).While Uncle caught his breath Jazz and I raced around playing and having a whale of a time. On our way down we went along a path which in the summer time Uncle Ian said would be covered in Bluebells. By the time we got to the car it was Jazz and I out of breath from all of our running about.aaaaaaa

After tea we went into the back garden and heard someone over the back so Jazz and I ran upstairs into the back bedroom to catch the person or people making all the noise, Uncle Ian opened the window and we all saw Santa Paws in his Sleigh with  Xmas Carols and songs coming from it. Uncle Ian took us to see him but it was to dark for him to take a pictures but Santa said that we will have to wait for Xmas day to see what he brings us. 
Friday night we went to the Whitchurch dog display team Xmas meal and we had a nice turkey dinner and we were given some calendars with our pictures on them. So
for now we will say good bye we heard Uncle Ian shouting for us, we think he is taking us on another nice walk somewhere.
Seasonal greetings to one and all we hope you all have a very nice Xmas and a Happy New Year xxx from Sapphire and Jazz

Thank you Jazz and Sapphire another fun weekend for you both, I bet you are getting very excited now it is so close to Christmas day

21 December 2013

Steiff Makes The Front Cover Of “Our Dogs” Newspaper

Our Dogs

How surprised I was when Enid sent me this photo featuring Steiff on the Front Cover. The photo was only sent up to the paper last Wednesday. My thanks goes to David Paton “Our Dogs” photographer for this super photo and to the paper for featuring a new breed on their front cover. As you can imagine I am thrilled!!

The Last Appeal, can you help???


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17 December 2013

Louise and Lynne and over £3335.45p To The Bedlington Health Group

Bedlington presentation

Louise and Lynne hand over the auction money at LKA to Stuart Yearley and Dorothy Owen. Our thanks go to Louse and Lynne who spent hours on the computer running the proceedings. Many thanks to everyone who auctioned items or gave their valuable knowledge and time. Also thank you to everyone who took part and  placed a bid. An amazing total was raised.

Photo by Dewerstone Photography Click HERE

15 December 2013

A Very Happy Birthday 40th Today To



Julie, wow what a beautiful cake! Did you really bite its head off? Lots of love to you on your very special day from everyone on the blog.