28 February 2014

Parker and Belle’s Babies



Thank you to Marian for this lovely family photo, the pups are really growing up quickly and are now 5 weeks old!

26 February 2014

Day I Of Crufts 6 March

Working and Pastoral Breeds

Activites Ring


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Bedingtons show on the Friday after the Manchester Terriers

Looking For Crufts Tickets?


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Thanks to Alan for the info

25 February 2014

News: All exciting for the Pumi



Hungarian Pumi and Griffon Fauve de Bretagne recognised. Beauceron moves to breed register -

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The Kennel Club are doing a press release on the Pumi and using this photo of Steiff, she will be the most famous Pumi in the UK!!

Crufts Friends for Life competition

The Crufts Friends for Life competition 2014, run by the Kennel Club, celebrates uplifting stories of friendship in adversity and the five dogs which have made the 2014 shortlist were selected for their exceptional loyalty to their owners and for the way that they have changed their lives.

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We Don’t Mind Getting Our Paws Muddy!


It's maybe wet and windy but we can still have fun. Milly and Micah at Gartmorn Dam Country park.Kevin Davidson
Thank you Kevin a Micah and Milly look really keen to play despite the weather. Hopefully we have now seen the last of the terrible storms.

24 February 2014

This Week’s Blog Ratings


Just one comment on the MBTC photos from yesterday but the blog  was accessed  521 times , hopefully this year’s Crufts photos  will once again be viewed from people all over the world,  Last year we recorded 900 hits in one day for the Crufts photos!. We have 13 years of Crufts photos form 2001. After Crufts this year the blog will no longer be updated although you will be able access it to look at archived photos and news over the last 8 years. Jon will also put a link on for the last 13 years of Cruft’s photos for you to enjoy.    

So Naughty But So Cute

Bella posing in the forest and results of Bella having a good time while mummy was out



Thank you Jan Pete, just love the top photo, how can something so cute be so naughty!!

Hello To All Of Our Blog Friends


Sapphire and Jazz here, Just to say that Jazz and I have gone back into training for the new routine for this years dog displays. We have just 3 weeks before our first display at Walford and North Shropshire Collage in Baschurch near Shrewsbury. Every year we change the display to keep the human people interested and yes, Jazz and I still do the fire walk along the dog walk,  Uncle Ian says that we are his little super pups when we do the displays!  Since our last report  we have been out for very nice walks with Uncle Ian, Jazz and I really enjoy meeting our doggie friends and having a run around with them playing.  I think that we are getting into this astronomy thing for every evening we go with Uncle Ian to see the space station flying over head and Uncle Ian points out all the different star consolations for us. Oh we almost forgot to say, in our report just before Christmas, you will remember, when Granny and Uncle Ian took Jazz and  to an Antiques Fair near Oswestry ( at a place called Park Hall). Well keep watching Bargain Hunt at dinner time (12:15pm till 1:00pm) on BBC 1, as hopefully you might see two Bedlington Terriers on it milling about in the back ground, that will be the K9 Marshal Crew with Jazz and myself also with our Uncle Ian  and Granny in tow  We hope to keep watching it as it hasn't been on from Park Hall as yet but we have got our paws crossed that it will be on soon.
So for now woof, woof from Sapphire and Jazz (The Two Very Happy Rallying Bedlingtons here in Shropshire)


Thank you Sapphire, at last spring must be round the corner with the first display in three week’s time. It will be so nice to see some sun and be able to walk in the countryside without the dogs coming home covered in mud. I will certainly be looking a Bagain Hunt if I am at home lunch time!

22 February 2014

Best Puppy In Show

Thanks to Gavin for the photos.

Best In Show

Judge Liz Cartledge (Ryslip)

Today At The Midland Bedlington Club Open Show


Best In Show Riffurze Beren (Mr T D and Mrs J E Graham)

RBIS  and Best Veteran  Woolytop Iwan Super Wizard  (Ms S E and Mr M D Baldwin

Best Puppy Sharnor High I’m Viktor at Kierlander ( Mrs P and Mr D Kiernan)

Congratulations to all the winners, photos of class winners and exhibiters  will be on the blog tomorrow night.

21 February 2014

Beddy Found


Just seen a report on facebook of a female blue beddie found in the Byker area of Newcastle upon Tyne today. I believe she is either being held, or is going to be held at Benton cat and dog shelter. I have advised the people advertising on Facebook to contact you. Fingers crossed we can get this poor lost lamb home
Carly Fee


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Thanks Cary lets hope she is back home soon if anyone has more information please email me.

I Wonder Who This Is?


Have you seen the latest groomers catalogue?
I wonder who it is?
Love from,

Summary Of Entries For Tomorrow’s Show


12 Entries - Dogs
23 Entries - Bitches

Thanks to Sharon for the info

20 February 2014




Haven't contributed to Bedlington Pictures before and could only see your email address so hope I'm sending this to the right place. I saw the photos of the dogs in flower beds and decided to send you two shots I took of our lovely dearly departed dog Dorian taken last spring. He very sadly got hit by a car last month, just two weeks short of his first birthday, and we miss him so much.  We are hoping to get a puppy in spring as all the litters we've enquired about seem to be due mid March. If anyone knows of any other litters due sooner please do let us know; me and my young son are missing having a dog around so much. Or if anyone fancies lending us a Beddie till May, we could do with the cuddles! 
Best Wishes,
Cadogan Doggy Dogs

Thank you Alix this is such a sad story, what a beautiful puppy Dorian was. You must have been devastated. Hopefully it won’t be long before a new beddy baby joins the family.

For Sally



Bit of cheating going on here as this is from a couple of years ago.  Lets see a few more from you Bedlington folk. The Makems
Now Derek, I think your flower bed is more like April?

Seamus Says Look At My Pretty Flower Bed

Spring flowers

Seamus would just like to reassure everyone that spring is on the way by showing you the primulas, crocus and anemones before the wrecking ball  (Bridie) destroys the lot.Sally

Oh dear, what a shame, naughty Bridie, it must have been lovely to see the spring flowers from the patio window!  

18 February 2014



Anyone recognise him?
Date Found: 9th February 2014, Where Found: Suffolk Rd, HEBBURN, Approx Age: Adult, Breed: Bedlington Terrier, Sex: Male, Colour: Light Grey....

Thanks to Marissa  for the link

Click HERE.



I have had four requests in 24 hours by email for puppies  do email me if you can help!

Bedlington Terrier Charity Walk Sunday March 24th 10am

A gathering of bedlingtons in bedlington going for a walk in aid of the Bobby Robson cancer appeal and hopefully set a world record.

Click HERE for further details

Dylan And Archie Get Wet And Muddy



Its so hard trying to get the boys out for a good walk in this weather,then it starts to rain.They are not impressed. Deborah Stoddart

Thank you Deborah, they look so lovely and clean in the top  photo  and  then  thoroughly miserable in the rain. I bet they needed a good wash to get  those muddy legs and paws clean.

17 February 2014

A Very Happy 35th Anniversary Today To……..



Nothing better than a beddy cuddle after the washing up!

Stuart and  and  Anglea Yearley. Stuart handles the dogs with  precision while Angela who we rarely see at shows grooms the four and two legged Lowbrook team to perfection ! Have a lovely evening  celebrating!

Bedlington Needing A New Forever Home




Blue, a 7 month old Bedlington Terrier, has just arrived. He has come in as his owner's health has deteriorated since they got Blue and they felt they couldn't give Blue what he needs. He is such a happy well cared for dog

Click HERE  to Borders Rescue

Thank you to Marissa for the info!



Thank you to Demelza for the lovely photo of our Asha

16 February 2014

Today At The Sporting Terrier Association of Yorkshire

Class 18 Junior D/B

1st Firey Sharrona Violet
2nd Maevani to the Moon and Back

Class 19 Post Graduate D/B

1st Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani
2nd Tunman Topsy Turvy
3rd. Makems Caught in the Act

Class 20 Open D/B

1st Aireview Cristal Blue Sh CM
2nd Aireview Xmas Holly
3rd Aireview Dancing Queen at Conveshed JW Sh CM
Res. Burmington Say I Do for Maevani


BOB Aireview Cristal Blue Sh CM


BOS Makems Caught in the Act

RBOB Aireview Blue Flame for Maevani

BPIB Maevani to the Moon and Back

Congratulations to all the winners lovely to see a good entry. Many thanks to Paul, Carol and Harvey Bell for results and photos.

Today At Maidenhead

Judge Trudie Hewitt-Taylor

Congratulations to Chris with Hattie for BOB  and Sharon with Berry BP and PG4



Single Breed Open Show

Single Breed Open Show
Saturday 22nd MARCH 2014
Judge Colin Powell (Bowtman)
Judging Commences 1pm
Closing Date February 22nd 2014 (postmark)

Schedules can be downloaded from the BTA Web site or e-mail, 


Today Saw The Inauguration Of The First UK Pumi Club


Today was the inauguration of the first Pumi club, It was exciting to meet other owners form all over the country, and  Kate Pinches  an experienced breeder who travelled from Hungary to give us a talk on the breed history and the standard. Application has been applied for to the Kennel club  for registration of a new breed and hopefully before long we will be able to show the Pumi on the import register