08 March 2014

Crufts 2014

Judge Judge: MR R GARBUTT

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Thank you to everyone who have written to me saying  how much they have enjoyed the blog over the last 8 years. I have received lovely emails and cards from Bedlington  fanciers world wide.  Although I will not be updating the blog it will remain on line for you to look through the archives and enjoy the Crufts photos Jon has taken since 2001.

Thanks to Gavin Carter for the top 2 pictures.

Discover Dogs Saturday

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07 March 2014

Today At Crufts



Best dog





Congratulations to all the winners!  We will have photos from all the classes on the blog by Monday

06 March 2014

More From Today At Discover Dogs



Turtle Attack

This is so funny, enjoy!

Nearly Ready



We’ve had a busy time recently – Sarah and Tony were off playing in the snow in Switzerland a couple of weeks ago, so we had our holidays too. Ed and Ossie have a nice time on their ‘farm stay’ and Rosie and I go and stay with friends. Some people might have spotted us out in Consett, and we even went to the beach one day. We were happy and didn’t miss home too much.
We’ve been back in our normal routine for the past couple of weeks, and we’ve all been getting tidied up for Discover dogs on Friday. I really don’t enjoy being groomed, I get very stroppy, so have to have a little bit done each day. I know that’s hard to believe, when I am such a friendly boy on the DD stand. Here I’m about half-done, just need front legs and head finishing.
I will be ready for Friday, and I’m fit and well ; much better than last year, when I was so poorly after my stroke. Looking forward to seeing every one at Crufs
Love from Jasper

So pleased you are going tomorrow I will come and say hello, wonderful to read you are really well after your stroke. Our old lady Fudge who is nearly 16 loves cuddles and  is going to be on the stand on Saturday.

Today At Discover Dogs


1794586_10152201295448805_1355129405_n  The bedlingtons love the attention from the visitors.  Eileen and Derek will have a busy day.

We Think It Is Springtime!


Hello Everyone,
Sapphire and Jazz here we think that spring is here now with all the spring flowery things popping up everywhere and good luck to all of our blog friends and doggie friends who are going to Crufts

From Sapphire and Jazz (The Happy Rallying Bedlingtons from Shropshire}

05 March 2014

Welcome to the Live Streaming of Crufts 2014 !

Crufts 2014 Live on YouTube | Crufts

Visit us At Discover Dogs At Crufts



Hello Bloggers

For those of you who are just visiting and not showing at Crufts why not come up to the Bedlington Discover Dogs stand and get licked to death by Dusty.  Come and see us on Thursday or Friday, Derek & Eileen, Christine & Shelly and Sarah & Tony. Wishing everyone has a have a good time at Crufts. The Makems 

Thank you Derek I will be on the stand Saturday  with Stuart, Andy and Nicki and we will have Harry, Maurice, Yuva, Chino and Asha. Do come and say hello we would love to see you! Enid who will be on the stand Sunday?

04 March 2014

Archie and Dylan having a lazy day



Trying to get the boys off the couch before the big match,but they are too busy lying in the sunshine. There's no way we are going out to get muddy paws.Deborah
Thank you Deborah, there is nothing better than snoozing in a sunny spot on the sofa!

Update From Harvey Bell

hhhhhhhhThank you for the update, it is fantastic to read you are fine in yourself and that we will see you at the BTA show. Keep smiling and lots of love to you from all your friends  in bedlington land.

03 March 2014

First Time Outside



Belle and Parker’s babies had their first taste of the great outdoors on Saturday, a perfect day in the sunshine!
Thanks to Marian for the photos



Bella has had her first hair cut and is transformed from a fluffy puppy to a young Bedlington.  Thinking she may be feeling the cold mummy got her a woolly jacket needless to say sister Rosie had to have one too. JAN PETE ROSIE BELLA
Thank you Jan and Pete, Bella has been trimmed very short but it won’t take to long for her coat to grow!

02 March 2014

Yesterday At Swindon

Bedlington Judge: Joan Hamilton
Group Judge: Viv Rainsbury


BOB Ch Miteymidgets Look of Love

BOB Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love Gr2

RBOB Ruffsfurze Zemzem

Reserve BOB  Ruffsfurze Zem Zem

BPIB Sharnor High Hopes

BPIB Sharnor High Hopes  Puppy Group 3

Well done to Yvonne, Jane and Sharon! Thank you to Viv for the photos

Raw Feeding Primer


I have recently been asked advice on raw feeding. I found this article informative.

Click HERE

Happy Birthday Angela



A Little Birdie has just told us that it is Angela Yearley's Birthday and she is a grand old age of 21 years old, and would like to wish her a Happy Birthday  with lots of love and cuddles from Sapphire and Jazz, Carmel, Brian and Ian

01 March 2014

Results From Swindon

Judge Joan Hamilton

BOB Ch Miteymidgets Look Of Love
RBOB  Ruffsfurze  Zem Zem
BP  Sharnor High Hopes

Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you to Jane for the results.

A Very Happy Birthday Today To….


Angela Yearley, lots of love to you from everyone on the blog.